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Monday, October 18, 2010

Wish List

  Ok, so I kind of did get side tracked after I said this post would be next, but oh well. It was for a good cause, 'splodey ships and all. But here it is finally. It is getting close to the holiday season (and my 21st b-day :D), a bit early, but nonetheless close enough to make this post.

  Now that I have been really getting to know what I want in Eve, a list has sprung up to coincide with my goals and different directions I want to go. I call it a wish list, but really it's more of a list of things I want to eventually fly. Much of it is in my plan for the next year, some in the far future and all depending on what happens in the time in between. Although, I suppose it is a wish list since I'll be wishing they were in my hangar when I'm able to fly them :PP

  Shut up and tell us already, we don't have all day! Ok, ok my dear reader, here we go. I'll split them into career types:



Pvp Oriented

Pve/WH Oriented
Noctis (when it comes out of course)

  So far that's my list and what a list it is. This will keep me busy for a looong time, especially with support skills and whatnot. Right now I am training hard for the Buzzard, which will also open up the other frigate sized ships I am working toward. After that, I am not sure if I will try to work for the Rattlesnake, and thus the Domi, or go for back to my mining roots. Either way, this kind of list making is fun for me, so that later I can go back and cross things off and feel accomplished.

  What kind of things are you working for?


Shirralia said...

Not working at a specific goal, just training support skills at the moment. My next step is going to be a Minmatar RR battleship though I haven't really done any research. Right now, I'm just concentrating on getting my cap skills and armor tanking skills up.

Viperous Stark said...

Max Orca Training is very time consuming. Unless you are planning on using it as a hauler / mobile base (or mine 23/7...which based on your goals probably not :p), I wouldn't go to far into Warfare Link Specialist, Industrial Command Ships, or Mining Director (need 5 for the mindlink). Those 3 skills alone will take you 4 or more months to get to. If you are just using it as a mobile base though, it is far less timing consuming as you don't need the above skills (with exception of ICS). The nice thing about the orca / hulk goal is that once you get one of them you are basically only a few days away from getting into the other haul.

As far as what I am doing currently...I sadly have ADD when it comes to skill training. Just flopped my skill queue around on Viperous for T2 autocannons. I haven't really done much PvP over the time I've played (seen above comments about time requires to max an orca :)) and since Eve has been a bit burnt out for me as of late, I believe I am going to buy 50 Rifters and go get them blown up in NPC 0.0 or lossec. Best way to learn is to just jump in right?

Memoocan said...

Yea, I really need to go back to support skills soon. lol Depending on your skills, either BS will do you well. I have fits for both if you'd like. WH fits, but RR nonetheless :P

Aye, my intention for the Orca is mainly just a hauler/transport that will work as something of a mobile base. It also allows me to pilot any that might be found in hostile WHs when I leave the Uni. It is a big investment and hence why I'm still debating it. Ah, I'm a bit jealous but I enjoy the skills I have too. Ooo that actually sounds like a blast. Just flying around ready to get blown up :)