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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can't Stop the Unitrain

  So finally all our war trouble has ended. For now. We certainly smashed them hard enough and it seems to "endless war against Ivy" is rather pitifully puttering out. The alliance even had a hostile take over thanks to this lady. That's a hilarious read and a great end to a boring war. Not surprising that the alliance is now basically gone considering the Uni's War Record. Yea, doomed to fail. Due to my fail browser, I lost the local chat I wanted to share with you, after the war was retracted. Funny funny stuff. This means we can finally go back to hauling, mining, missioning, and doing just about whatever we want. I know I have some PI to pickup and stuff to organize.

  Last night, I also headed up a C3 fleet. I ended up forming the fleet, since we usually all just look sheepishly at each other until someone does it. It went really well, which made me happy. Of course, FCing a WH group isn't the same as Pvp, but I enjoy the experience and it does have its challenges. We ran almost 20 sites and made a ridiculous amount of money, all while teaching a new guy who did our salvaging. We had a bumpy start, with getting the new guy sorted and moving people around. At one point, I had to move locations and sprinted home while we were at a safe waiting for a swap out of pilots. I even ran out of ammo, which is a first for me. We had the new guy do a run ;P In the end we were destroying Solar Cells no problem and the last 3 in a row gave us a battleship in the first wave. Man were we happy with that run, even after something around 5 hours. Pretty smooth, big haul, great guys to talk to and great times; couldn't have asked for more. Funny part was, I had to do payouts twice because we had more money come in that we thought. First time I got to see my wallet over a billion for a short time. I got a few screencaps while we waited in the wormhole, btw.

My favorite shot. Rollin' in the Drake tanks

Oooo pretty lights
  I also want to give a good plug to Varius Arcturus' Overview Guide. It recently went through some updates and it is the BEST way for anyone to learn to set up their overview. It is Uni required reading for a good reason. If not for that guide, I would still be wondering what half my stuff did. So thanks Varius, it's a great asset for the community. 

  Lately, I have had so many things to post about I've had to control myself from posting them all at once. I want them all to have their due duration and don't want to overload you, my dear reader. I've started adding pretty pictures in hopes that it breaks the monotony of all this gibberish writing for you. Hopefully this good streak for post subjects keeps up. I think I have a few in my head for the next week or so. 

  See you in space. Finally.


sean1121 said...

Nice shot of the drakes, wonder which one is mine?

Memoocan said...

Actually I think yours is the middle one. I used the look tool to get a better angle for the picture since my Drake wasn't in a good position :D