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Friday, October 1, 2010

Do the Loki Pokie

  Well, I got what I've wanted for days now. I logged in a bit ago to find a wormhole fleet going out. Awesome. It was only a C2 so it wouldn't be a challenge for 5 or 6 of us.

  Wasn't too bad, we had cleared a couple sites. Then a Helios turned up on Dscan. Lost him right after that and didn't see him the rest of the time. Not too long after that, a Cheetah came poking around. He seemed a little new or at least really stupid. He wasn't cloaked half the time and he was throwin t1 probes around like nobody would see. We were into our next site when suddenly our scout starts chattering about a Loki on scan. We all get nervous and next thing you know, he's on grid. Neutral or not, he didn't hesitate to engage. He went straight for our Ishtar, scramming him on landing. We had all already engaged warp and were bugging out when he called over comms that he couldn't get out. Soon as I landed, I put myself back in warp to see if we could rescue our victimized friend.

  Looking back, we could have taken him, or at the least pushed him off field. Our Ishtar friend fought hard, getting the Loki's shields down a good quarter before he got popped. Somehow, the dang T3 even got his pod. Not sure what setup he was running but it was decent. Like I said, if we had rushed him together instead of warping out we might have kept from losing a HAC. But such are lessons. Don't wormhole on the weekend if you want a quiet run. I got stuck with loot so I'm off to make as much out of the little we got as I can and divvy it up.

  It's good to be getting some action again. Even if it got cut short.


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