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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Google Reader

 With the impending demise of Capsuleer, I am have begun my weening off the app. Back when I posted about Capsuleer, one of my great readers, Viperous Stark, commented on an alternative. With the cut off date so close, I am finally making the plunge and wanted to share the process with anyone else that is looking for ways to keep reading blogs, like this one.

  Firstly, you need to go over to Google Reader and take a look. This process will require you to have a Google account set up, which takes 5 min to set up if you don't have one. If don't have one, go ahead. It doesn't hurt, I promise.

  Once you have accomplished this Indiana Jones-esque feat, it's time to add blogs to follow. Feel free to subscribe to me alone or if you want, CCP News and forum feeds. All blogs related to Eve can be found here. Now before you click that one, don't. Right click it and hit the "copy link location." Now go into your Reader and click the "add subscription". Paste the contents into the field and hit add. Let the hamster dance commence. Sadly, I didn't find mine among the list but you can always subscribe to me with the widget in the right hand bar.

  Now that you are all set up on this end of things, you need an RSS app for your iTouch/Phone. Reeder is highly recommended, but beware that it does cost 2.99 US on iTunes. Otherwise, have at it. The free avenue of RSS apps gives you a few like Feeddler RSS MobileRSS, and RSS Runner. I will be taking a stab at these apps in the coming days to see what I like best, since I am a poor college kid. These feeds will allow you to access your Reader account and, thus, to import hours of addicting Eve reading.

  Perhaps the sad end of Capsuleer is the beautiful beginning to a wider array of blogs to easily read and thus, a wider community to connect with now. That's exciting. :)

  =========In other news===========

  Our new war is about to go live and I had a look at our enemy's alliance descrip:
"wow i just declared war on ivy with this useless alliance i had drop an ap in and ill accept ur corp

shit cant be stoped i wont accept money purely for the amusement of eve and everyone who wants to take a crack at ivy

The start of the end of Ivy!"

  Now, bad spelling and grammar aside, this blatant grief is rather....well stupid and blatant. I also heard of a post on the EveO forums that he stated that he would dec the Uni until he ran out of ISK or got bored. It's an alt, and I have my speculations on who owns it, but this is why war is broken. Obvious grief is obvious. It's literally a 1 man alliance. *sigh* Fail.
 *EDIT* I found the forum post.

  But, on a good note, I just salvaged a WH for the first time. I was a last resort, since I only have Salv III and Hacking/Archae II. I whipped up a salvage Drake, full salvage tackle rigs and was off. Unfortunately, RL cut me short and I had to log part way through. It was the least amount of work I've ever done in a WH. I love it. :P I did pretty well actually, tearing through the wrecks faster than I could get the loot off them. Artifacts slowed me down, but that's fine. Kinda wanna make it a regular thing. But then I remembered that my Hull Upgrades V finishes tomorrow and I want to test my Scorpion. So much to do, so little time.

  Sorry for the long post, hope it makes up for days I'm lacking.


Herodotus Prime said...

Let me be the first to say that, I for one, welcome our new spelling challenged overlord(s).


Some people are so dumb it hurts.

Memoocan said...

Aye, the interwebs have done well to breed the illiterate and opinionated generation.

It'll be oh so much fun if he ever undocks. >:)

Nevore said...

Thanks for the links! I hadn't known about either of those blog packs. Only thing is, the cognitive industries link doesn't seem to work, Google Reader isn't recognising the xml. :)