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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

  My training for Caldari Frig V is finally coming to an end tomorrow, after 11 days of torture. Of course, it's far from over since I still have 13 days left in Cov Ops training, a bit more with scanning thrown in to the mix. *sigh* Just trying to remind myself it's worth it. Although my next skill will be finishing on my birthday in 8 days.

  I got an interesting text and then call from my brother this morning. The first thing I read is "Screw BS, I'm goin' for a Loki". Well, it seems he beat me to Cov Ops and now to Tech3, while BS is the only upper hand I have so far. Haha, not that it's a race or anything....or is it? The corporation I am working toward has also been talking alot about HACs. I think this is a hint that I should be going somewhere else with my training. But now I have yet more choices to debate. I like the Ishtar and aHACs are sexy. I will be needing the drone skills anyways for the Domi. But then there is the Cerberus, which I have never seen used. It's on the way to a Falcon...but I know little to nothing about it. My missile skills are better than the hybrids I would have to train up to T2 for the Ishtar. Oh me, oh my. I've wanted a HAC for a long time so this isn't too far out of the way. But after I finish some skills, I really think I should remap to Perc/Will...yet another big decision. The future shall be quite interesting.

  In other news, I have revisited a site I heard about a while ago and decided to try it out. It's called Somer.blink. Essentially, it is a lottery site that uses your isk to "blink", or buy a ticket for, whatever bid is up. This happened when a bunch of my corpmates were talking in a channel, which we made a dedicated channel for this later, and talking about winning. One even got a Sleipnir for 69 isk and it was fitted with a dead space module worth more than the ship. So I decided to try my hand at it. I went small, with bids on a Buzzard first. Lost. Then I tried at a Dramiel. Lost. I didn't click fast enough on the next Dram and if I had I would have won it, since it was the last ticket and it tells you who won with which ticket. It can get addicting, needless to say, as it is gambling and you are depositing your own ISK. I went through about 40 mil just for kicks, but since I lost every time I have no incentive to stay. I actually got bored after a while, although they do promo blinks that can be quite tasty. It's legit, you do get the prizes. But of course, they are making ISK hand over fist this way. It is a smart way to get easy money, really. Oh well, I am saving my money.

  Currently, I am putting a Pvp oriented Scorpion together. Caldari battleships are the only BSs I'll be flying for a while so I'll stick with my favorite. I swear, I am way too ADD when it comes to ships and training. Hopefully, it will iron out in the long run :P


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