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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Break

  I am free. Free from most responsibilities and worries for a week. I get some much needed relaxation time with my lady. It's been months since we've seen each other. The phone and web cams only go so far.

  I will still hopefully get some good posts in this week, but if not I apologize in advance. I'll be back on top of things again soon. Watch this space and thanks for reading :)

  Oh and a quick note: I broke 1,000 views :DDD So big thanks to all you regulars and hope to be writing for a long time.



Azmodeus Valar said...

Congrats on passing 1000 views. I know I was kind of thrilled when i did it...but my wife just didn't understand.

Memoocan said...

Thanks :) lol indeed, my girlfriend was sitting next to me when I saw that and somehow didn't look as excited as me :P