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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roll Out

Broken debris littered the area. Flames suffocated as atmosphere vented silently from the hulls and bodies floated aimlessly in space. There were no survivors left to fight, nor to tell tales of the atrocities inflicted. The conquerors picked their spoils from the dead, like vultures tearing apart a carcass. This was a massacre. This was victory.

  So our joint wormhole operation with Everset Dropbears went well.  As the intro hinted to, we blew the Sleepers into dust. Instead of a C4, we ended up absolutely destroying a C5 with only about 9 sites. Now with the kind of fleet we had, that was nothing. But it was enough since most people in the fleet had never been to a wormhole. Thank goodness our partner corp were regulars. They are the reason we completed the wormhole without a single loss. And that's saying something when the fleet is full of nothing but battlecruisers.

  It was quite interesting as one of the Scorpion pilots, one assigned to each wing. We had an extra come from somewhere, but as it turns out I was happy for the company. Initially, I was the only ECM in my wing. My wing consisting of only shield tankers and shield logi....not good for an armor Scorp. I had a few small heart attacks in the first site, before we got the kinks worked out. I locked up the battleships, leaving the frigates as fodder. Of course, we got a scare when someone wouldn't stop attacking the trigger while the battleships were still alive. I actually had to rep the stupid thing. But they became my close personal friends as soon as I started my jams. This wouldn't have worried me if I had been able to get solid jams on them. My mods cycled without luck for a while, making me worried as my shields disappeared in a blink, klaxons blaring over and over. It was like watching my shields play ping pong as the logis poured all their efforts into keeping me up. A few adrenaline filled minutes passed and we quickly made work of the ships. The fun thing about wormholes is that your chance for jams can be pretty random. I'll come back to that in a sec.

  After we cleared the site, the wing commander called in back up. This came in the form of my fellow Scorp pilot, someone that had armor RR and cap transfer. \o/  So with the extra jams and RR, the next couple sites were ludicrous. We hardly needed reps anymore since the brunt of Sleeper DPS was mitigated by our jams. This is when I noticed the oddity of jamming. For a whole half of a wave, I couldn't get a single jam to properly cycle. The next wave, I would have near permajams on up to 3 battleships at a time and 4 cruisers at a time. Successful jams make me happy :P

  As we, the shield wing, worked through 4 or 5 sites, the armor wing finished off the rest. We had intended to move next door to another upper level wormhole, but it was soon called off as people needed to drop and leave. So instead of bleeding people, we called it. As we sat around waiting for salvagers to finish up, my fellow blogger and spacefriend Shirralia decided to have some fun. She locked me up and spooled up her 425s and picked at my shields. It tickled. So with a smile I locked her down and set my jam a'cyclin. This produced some replies in capital letters, always amusing to an ECM pilot. Well apparently that started a party. Next I had a Harbinger, Drake, and another Cane lock me down and start in on me. Some days you just can't get a break :P I had them jammed in short order and my shield regenerated what little damage I took.

  So it was a great operation all around. We won't make big bucks, but a respectable amount for so many pilots. It gave me a good perspective for what I need to train up and how I need to work in upper level wormholes. Of course, this also made me want to live in one all the more. Soon, Mem, soon.

*EDIT* Forgot I took screen caps for you all. So here they are :D
Fleet formation

My first time seeing a bubble. Ours of course, but still a first

Gotta say I love how wormholes look

This is when they were all being mean :P

Orgy on the exit as we were leaving

  In other news, I turned in my entry to CK for the co host competition and got some great feedback. Sounds like I have some great competition too. Good luck to you all! I feel like I wanted to say something else, but it's late so I'll leave it at that.

  Fly Profitable!

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