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Friday, October 22, 2010

Warming Up

Well today I got an unexpected trip. I was checking my mail and updating my skill que, seeing that WTs were still sitting in local. Since nothing is really going on lately with them camping us, I generally don't stay on long. I was ready to get off when a couple DDs were needed for a C3. I figured it beats station spinning and finding something else to do. Originally, I offered my Drake and got accepted. That quickly changed when they decided they want a full RRBS setup and so I brought out my Scorp. The hole had a Cataclysmic effect that boosted RR and penalized local reps. With a bit of fitting change, I was ready to go.  A good warm up in using my Scorp before the C4 op.

  The link to dotlan, a very useful tool when you search for a good wormhole, showed some activity and we mulled it over. There were quite a few sigs and anoms in the system and the scanner reported no POS. That was a good sign, since the graphs showed that anyone that was there was long gone. So we got our composition and fits sorted out, while our scout headed in to check it out himself. We even had a radar to look forward to, the reason for all the RR.

  Well it turns out all is not good news. The original scanner had missed a POS. And not just any POS, a Red Alliance with capital ship arrays and a few other worrisome signs. But, the silver lining was that by now it was almost 1 a.m. for Russia and they didn't seem to be stirring. We decided that we might as well try a smash and grab, since a few other holes we had found were not as worthwhile.

  So, with the need for more DPS we added another Domi to the mix and headed off. I have to say, I love RRBS teams for WH action. Running cap transfers and ECM is alot more attention demanding and fun. I like being able to frustrate Sleepers and mitigate their damage. For this run, my White Nose jammers were doing the best, only needing two to jam a BS. With cruise missiles reaching out to 100km with my measly skills, I was feelin' great. Of course, being the ewar user makes me the Sleeper's best friend. I think I'll have to get used to always being primary, but I don't mind as long as there's good RR.

  This run was really good for me to get a feel for being in a battleship as well as using what I did in a wormhole. I feel so fat and slow in a BS, but substantial for once. Multitasking is a must, between cap and RR, drones and cycling ECM it can keep you busy. I thoroughly enjoy it though. The strategy for getting solid jams on Sleepers is something I want to work on more. I have two different ways and I think I did pretty well. But I want to be better for when I begin living in a wormhole. I was also talking to a member of the wormhole corp I intend to apply to soon and was told aHACs are FOTM (flavor of the month) for clearing out C3s. With lower sig, big tank and good gank I can see why. It also means you are harder to gank, should someone drop in to say hi. I hope it's just a FOTM thing, because I am already having to decide between a Phoon and a Domi. Domi is closer and for a HAC, a Cerberus is closest. I would prefer a Muninn or Ishtar, but that's if I go for a HAC after Cov Ops. I guess we shall see.

  Fun is what internet spaceships is all about eh?

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