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Monday, October 25, 2010


  I've been thinking for most of the day what to write about and mainly came up with nothing or things that really can't justify an entire post. War is making Eve very slow. Stupid punks don't fight. Although they did bring in about 15 people to Drat and from what I hear they were in BSs and logis. Not something we can tangle with on short notice.

  I do want to thank Kane Rizzel. I don't think I remembered to mention, but he graciously gave a gift after I commented on why he should stay in the game. It turned out to be a Daredevil, my first faction ship ever. Now, I hear alot of negatives about it and it's my new shiny...very expensive at that. So I'm not sure I'll ever actually use it. But, who knows maybe I feel like blowing up 160 mil in a frig....

  Since war is so slow, I am relegated to finding things to do. The recent WH ops have showed me I need another battleship or two in my arsenal. The closest ones I have access to are the Rave and Rokh. I am kind of putting an armor Raven, odd I know, together for RR groups. I've seen it done and I know it works, but not sure if that will follow through. My preferred RRBS for wormholes will be the Typhoon, as I've mentioned before. Right now, my dilemma is coming in the form of where I want to train to next. The Dominix is the closer choice and is a great logistical boat, while still providing damage in the form of drones. I would have to train for sentries if I went that way, since any self respecting Domi pilot uses them. My other path would be to the Phoon. That'll take longer since I'd have to get Minni Frig IV, Cruiser IV, then BS IV so I can actually fly it well. I can fit it right away at least.

  So I'll ask for your help, my dear reader. Should I bite the bullet and be patient, or go for the quick fix and worry about the Phoon later? I would also ask, since I have never Pvp'ed in a battleship, if any of them are good for a Pvp role. Perhaps I will keep the Raven as a shield tanker and make it Pvp instead. Oh choices, choices.

  Fly smart


Viperous Stark said...

If I had to pick 1 skill out of the 150 or so I have trained to be my favorite, Sentry Drone Interfacing V would be the winner by a land slide. (domi pilot)

reaper cross said...

Congrats on the daredevil I want a dram but can't bring myself to buy one it's alot of isk for a frig if you ask me.

Im not sure you should bother with the raven for pvp Ive been in 0.0 for a year or so and I have never used it in a fleet. Insta damage (phoon/tempest) vs delayed (raven). You can't really armour tank it for RR efficiently either, but thats not to say you can't pvp with one but in general shield tanking BS really not that common.

Tbh I only fly BC and below so I am no expert :p

Memoocan said...

Sentry Drones are certainly veery attractive to me, as a Gallente pilot. I can't help but want T2 sentries and they are useful in many settings. I think that means I should go for the shorter route xD Domi's aren't bad either way, so I'm happy.

Yea, I figured the Raven wasn't my best choice but I have heard about torp Ravens alot so I may just have it ready just in case. It'd be something I worry less about exploding.

Azmodeus Valar said...

Personally, I love sentry drones. They aren't useful in every situation, but you'll be thankful for them when they are.