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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Bit of Everything

  I've made it to my 50th post \o/ This is a first for me, as its hard to get me to do anything consistently. 50 posts in 2 months is crazy when I think about it. But it's pretty awesome. Today I have that milestone, some links, and some WH fun.

  Ardwulf has recently written a pretty good post about why you should be playing Eve. Now I believe he is aiming at people that have not experienced the universe, but play other MMOs and games in general. You may even be able to lure someone in that doesn't usually play games with some of his reasons. Great post Ard.

  At the moment, I have a transcript for my recording written out. All I have to do now is download a recording software, like Audacity, and actually start talking. Writing is my strong suit, so having things in order beforehand will work best. I do, however, still have some mulling over to do about it. Commitment of time, learning audio editing, etc etc. I want to be as reliable as possible.

  And now for a little after action. It's not too exciting since we found a nice, quiet Class 3. I went out on a fleet last night, now that our war with Everto Rex Regis is live, to hunt them down. After an hour of jumping around lowsec looking for flashies, we made our way to their HQ. I'm sure they had eyes on us when we got closer, because when we showed up there were about 9 of them docked up. We gave a good Yarrrrr in local. We enjoy putting on our show of force, too many don't seem to understand that if you fight the Uni, you are in for a beatdown. Surprisingly, they really didn't smack at all. A nice change from the usual, although in almost every system we went around there we got other people smacking. So with no action we headed home. Well it was midnight and I was thinking of logging. But someone mentioned the C3 and I perked up. With now 2 faildecs at the same time, I have needed something.

  We finally got it all sorted and  headed out, a dozen jumps from home. They had wanted RRBS that could throw out damage as well so that it would be relatively quick. There were only a few sites and anomalies. Since all I have in the way of RRBS is my Scorpion, I had to take my Drake. This got jests all night which was pretty fun and funny. Yes, it's ugly. No, it can't really RR. Yes, I should get a proper RRBS :P I really should...maybe I'll add a Typhoon to my wish list. Well we blew through sites pretty well, the only hindrance was our semi afk salvager. After a couple of the sites, our Abaddon decided it'd be funny to shoot the Drake. So now I'm being hammered by lazorzz til he gets bored and we move on. With this op, it's really getting to me that my only BS is a Scorpion, which has limited uses. I would love to use it in Pvp, but it's fit and rigged for WHs. I've thought of a Raven, I'd have to armor tank it for WHs, but I think my path lies with either the Domi or the Phoon. We shall see after my Covert Ops training.

  A couple hours later and we are done, with quite a haul for so few sites. I can't wait to see how much our shares are so I can start saving for...something. Either way, it was fun and I was glad to get out and shoot something.

  Thanks to you guys for reading. Here's to another 50 posts and beyond, cheers!  \o/


Azmodeus Valar said...

Congrats on hitting post 50.

Shirralia said...

Might wanna take a zero of the number of months. Just saying. Will read the rest of the post now :)

Herodotus Prime said...

Nice dude, the big 5-oh.

Memoocan said...

Thanks guys :DD

Haha yea, I can't believe I missed that typo >.< fixed though!

Ardent Finder said...

Heh heh, you said Phoon...