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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


  It came as a rather big shock to me yesterday when I updated my Capsuleer application. There was a post in their section of the Headlines. I've never seen that before so I checked it first. As it turns out, the two guys that develop and upkeep the app can no longer do so and will be shutting the whole shabang down. This is quite disheartening to me for many reasons. The app is my most used and most valuable app on my iTouch. I check it obsessively. Whether it's looking over my skills and training que, it's almost always up on my iPod.

  This will also hinder my ability to keep up with some of my favorite blogs on the Blog Pack. I update every day and read the blogs throughout my classes and when I have idle time. It's convenient and the presentation is always clean and effective on the app. As it turns out, I'm not the only one to take umbrage. Nash Kadaver has a petition going. Capsuleer is shutting down because of difficulties monetizing it, from what the official report says. CCP had a full year to take advantage and, of course, failed to do so. Other venues did not pan out either, so sadly Capsuleer is coming to an end.

  Now, I understand iClone does similar things and I do use it, mainly for the item database. I know hard work has gone into it, but it needs to be streamlined and polished. The interface on Capsuleer is clean and easily navigated and ordered. I will be using iClone after October 17, when Capsuleer goes offline. But I have yet to make it actually use my API correctly, even full API. But this is not about that. Head over to Nash's page and let 'em know we want to keep the app alive. We all use and love it as a part of our out of game connection to Eve. It keeps the addiction going, for myself at least. So, the more exposure we give the issue, hopefully the closer we are able to get to saving a wonderful app. It is what got me really into reading Eve blogs and thus into blogging.

  However, I know life happens. I know things don't go the way we would hope and I perfectly understand it. We will adapt and move on, but I hope it works out for Pyjama Sam and Roc Weiler, that worked so hard out of their own love of the game. I wish them well on this and other endeavors. Let's show what some appreciation and put a bug in someone's ear to keep this alive.

  So thank you guys for a great app.


Viperous Stark said...

Alright, first off I Love Capsuleer. It is by far the best app (only working?) Eve app on the iPhone / Touch. Nothing easier when managing skill queues on multiple accounts.

I, like you, started off reading Blogs on capsuleer...but quickly found that this is very limited. Without a way to add "additional" blogs you are severely limited and you are absolutely missing GREAT content.

As a result I moved to Google Reader (found at This basically allows you to add subscriptions (RSS links) to your account and it will compile it all into 1 single location (easily linking back to the original site if you need to go there to make a comment or something).

I read 100+ Blogs (bit behind atm >.>), many of them Pirate Blogs. I try to keep them organized by Corporations that they are some corps have numerous bloggers.

Once I had Google Reader all set up, I went out and bought / downloaded ALOT of RSS apps on the iPhone. I eventually settled on "Reeder." For 2.99 it is an absolute steal. Attaching a few links with a brief "tour" of the basics of the App. It syncs right into your Google Reader account, so anything that you add will automatically sync up with the "Reeder" app.

I could never go back to Capsuleer for blog reading. There is so much more out there then the few that CrazyKinux has in the "official" blog pack. So while yes, losing the Skill Queue functionality will indeed suck...there are definitely better ways to read blogs :)

Memoocan said...

Wow, good to know there's a way to keep up with things. Never heard of all that, but I'll definitely check it out. Thanks Vipe :)