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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Like A Phoenix

  Firstly, I'd like to somewhat apologize. I feel like my rate of posting here at PH might be a bit overload. I hope I'm wrong, but it's only been two months and I am coming up on 50 posts. Wow I talk too much. So, as my reader, you are always allowed to tell me to shut up and slow down.

  Moving on, I was going over the blogs I follow on my iPod and came across a new post by CrazyKinux. It seems The Drone Bay is going to be resurrected, or at least a new podcast will rise from its ashes. I enjoyed listening to CK, Alsedrech, Crovan, and eventually Maeve. The cool thing is that there is a call going out for a new host. Personally, this is exciting. I am going to do a lot of mulling over and internal debating, but I think I very well might submit my own clip and see if I become part of the podcasting world. While I am certainly still a noob in regards to the Eve Universe as a whole, I think it could be good to expand into and experience. I still have plenty of opinions and my own experiences, this blog is proof. As a college student, I do have responsibilities and RL tasks that need my attention, but I think I am still more flexible than, say, someone with a family and full time job to worry about.

  Want your shot at podcasting fame? Head over to CK's blog and read up. All you have to do is give a 2-5 min recording of yourself and they'll choose on Nov. 5. That would certainly be a sweet birthday present if I got lucky :P Good luck to everyone that enters and here's to a new podcast to follow! o7



Viperous Stark said...

Talk More, Speed Up?

Memoocan said...

lol well if I put my entry in for the podcast and get picked, youll certainly get more xD