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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


  We have now begun another war, this time against the Grunts. alliance. I expect, as usual, for it to be a quick realization that they didn't do proper research and will retract it soon. We always like to start off wars right, by taking out blobs for hunting WTs and pirates. I would think our local pirates would tell everyone to stop deccing us so we don't come after them in boredom. Anyways.

  I got to go on this fleet today, before my Wed night psych class. This one was huge. Not the largest I have been on, but a force to be reckoned with certainly.  It started slowly just camping a gate close to home. Apparently, some WTs were in the next system trying to bait us into deadspace. Now this would make it difficult for us in a couple ways.
   -They have a choke point.
   -The gate is restricted to frig hulls
   -They have advance warning
  Not the best situation to try to put a Uni noob fleet into so early in the war.  So the FC decided to experiment, asking for anyone with a destroyer already fit. We got a whole squad of volunteers. He also had another squad of frigates, mixing Ewar and DD. The destroyers warped into the Angel Creo-Dron deadspace and the frigates followed 20 seconds later. Primary got called on a Harpy, while secondary was a Taranis. But they were hard pressed to get close and were being kited. Ended up losing two destroyers.

 But if Unistas are anything, we are patient and diligent. The squads stayed in the pocket, working the field so they could get points. They earned their stripes. The squads got recalled and we moved on towards Hek. It was getting close to the wire for me, since I had my class to worry about and since most of our time was spent camping I didn't have much hope for a KM.

  Our FC then told us to jump into Eystur. I find 2 flashies 90 km off gate and orders are to warp to our scout. He might have been new or something because something got messed up and nobody could warp to him. We lost our shot at a Cane and a Gila, but no worries. The fleet decided to camp their station, but again didn't know where they went. I had to leave so I docked and logged. Hoping to get on more fleets and get in on some KMs soon. That flashy red can be addicting :P



Herodotus Prime said...

We've been out hunting all night now, looks like they had some spunk this afternoon but nothing now.


Ardent Finder said...

Of course. We finally get some decent action and good challenges, and it's on the night I'm not on. Hopefully, we don't scare them off too quick.

Azmodeus Valar said...

Glad you had fun. The enemy hiding in that deadspace was an interesting move that I haven't seen WTs use before.

Memoocan said...

Sorry AF. Yeah, I'm liking this war so far. I hope they keep giving us cool challenges like that, because it makes fleets much more dynamic.