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Friday, October 15, 2010


  It certainly pays off. Tonight, I got a pretty good fleet.

  We moved quick and left Aldrat later than I usually like. But I've been wanting blood for a while, so I decided to stay up. We got stuck on the Ama gate, bored and looking for a target Loki three jumps away. Time dragged on and I had relegated myself to thinking this was another in the long line of famine fleets. When the Loki disappeared, I was sure of it. Oh well. We sat on gate for a while longer, squads spread over a few systems. Then the FC was telling my squad to get into Ama. Odd, since it was dead the entire time we were sitting in and around the system. After a bit of initial confusion, we warped to our FC who was baiting in Mega. Initiating warp, I waited for additional intel. Primary was called on a Lachesis, making me anxious to get on grid. Dropping out of warp, I also found a Cynnabal as they both began kiting. The whole fleet got called in and began the task of getting warp ins. There were close calls, the faster ships getting close, but points were dropped as they burned away from us. I had hoped for at least the death of the Cynn, but I know how hard they are to pin down. Rounds were smashing his shields under half strength, artillery and missiles eating away. The Lachesis kept outside my reach for most of the fight, but in the end my full jams on both ships were for naught. We only suffered the loss of one of our inty pilots.

  The FC then had us regroup on his wreck, 500km away from our two slippery prey. Only a few of us had warped to it when the FC was shouting to warp to the nearby belt. A Sleipnir had warped to 0 and was flashy. Spamming to initiate warp, I landed just in time to permajam him before he went down. Of course, I have all meta 4 racial jammers...except the one mod that gets on the If you look at the's just horribad. I don't know how people get far enough to handle a command ship and still fail at fitting. Stupid pirate is stupid. Most of the fleet couldn't get on the KM since he went down so fast.

 Shortly after, one of our pilots got a mail from him:
[06:12:57] Balaganoff > i got evemail >>> limited
From: Manaconda1469<br>
Sent: 2010.10.15 06:09<br>
To: Balaganoff,
i gonna keel u now u dic

  Ah, sweet tears. Apparently, the story is that after our inty lost his ship to the Lach, he got a noob ship and was gonna rejoin fight. But then went to a gate and the Sleip shot him as he jumped, making him flashy to us. So we made our way home since we were out for so long. This gives me a few more tickets for the contest, awesome. This is one happy ECM pilot that needs some sleep now.



Herodotus Prime said...

Damn, figures as soon as I leave there is some action. Probably for the best that I left, I'm sure that those kiter's would have popped me, just like the last two times I died.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Memoocan said...

Aww sorry haha. Yeah, it got to be pretty late for me, so I was just as surprised. Yay for stupid pirates

Shirralia said...

Oh, nice. Must've been the fleet the Thukkers talked about. I was going to go watch, but you had already left when I jumped into Amamake.

Gratz on the action :)