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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plugs and Bugs

  In my continuing endeavor to learn and enjoy others' experience of Eve, I have started listening to the Planet Risk Show. It's a great podcast about wormholes, with good music to boot. Each episode is pretty long so make sure you have time to listen, but it is well worth it. Unknown Eve is another one, if you can't get enough wormhole goodness. Both give great advice and stories, so give them a listen. As for blogs, make sure you visit my other page of fellow blogger's links. After you read this one of course :P I still haven't put all the blogs I want on the list  since my writing time usually is taken by this, but I will continue to add. They're blogs I read and have found great reads.

  In other Eve news, CCP is getting better at breaking their game. Today I logged in to find an "optional patch", which I applied. Cool thing is that you can now align to your bookmarks, something I have wanted for some time. Supposedly fixed the UI bugs that have been a bit annoying lately, but I have kept my windows unpinned to counteract the bug so I'll have to test it later. Still, CCP is a company that does listen and certainly isn't Blizzard...

*EDIT* Turns out CCP only fixed the corporation green star icon. My windows still unstack and there's a few other issues they need to resolve. Oh well, life goes on.

 Fly dangerous

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Azmodeus Valar said...

Its not an EVE patch without unintended bugs and a followup patch a week later. I'm actually impressed at how quickly they got the first fix patch out compared to normal.