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Saturday, October 16, 2010

6 mil in 6 months/Tourney

  The title refers to my SP. Hull Upgrades V put me over 6 million SP and in about 9 days I will have been playing for 6 months. Now 6 mil in 6 months is sad really...I should be at almost 8 mil, but I mentioned in an earlier post that I lost a month when I studied abroad. I just thought it amusing how the numbers correlated...ok, I'll shut up.

  It feels like much longer than half a year because I have learned so much. I am able to learn other games in the matter of a day or two, but I am still chewing my way through volumes of knowledge in Eve. There is still so much I want to do and want to fly, it's great to look forward to it. It's also fun to look back at how far you've come and what you've achieved in your career(s). My next post will tie into this, if I don't get sidetracked with something else.

  On another note, the Uni held a Pvp tournament today, with teams of 10 fighting in racial sets. I was on Caldari when we faced the Amarr. Needless to say, it was all sorts of fun and it was also something of a bloodbath. Sadly, our events killboard seems to be borked at the moment, so I'll have to post KMs later. Our ECM pilots did phenomenal, playing to our strengths and keeping their RR frustrated. We worked through all their ships, except the last Arbitrator. We couldn't eat this tank and we took too much time trying to break the Arbi's tank, losing 3 of our own ships. But the rest of the frigs and destroyers melted like butter do our combined fire, leading to our landslide win.

  Next up, the Minnies faced off with Gallente. The Gallente showed very late but brought their A game. Playing their cards close, the Gallente let the Minmatar approach, their swarm of drones orbiting. Rail guns spooled up and fire was traded early on, without much effect until range closed. Then, like a disturbed beehive, Gallente Hobgoblin IIs swarmed with deadly force. The Minmatar took hits spread around, initially seeming to take the lead when the two Catalysts were burned down. It soon changed, however, as the Gallente finally focused their fire on primaries and the Minmatar went down hard. It ended up with a lone Rifter pilot doing serious damage to the Exequoror, but alas for naught as it exploded.

  Betting pools were paid out and fun was had all around. Tomorrow, we Caldari face the Gallente. We hope to have a solid plan and have optimized our team, working out kinks. With yet another fail dec, this type of fighting is all the more appreciated. So thanks, Silentbrick, for the sponsoring.



Laedy said...

TBH, I love the fact that progressing a character in EVE Online is such a slow process. It makes you savour and enjoy every single step as a milestone.
Have fun in your tournies!



Memoocan said...

Indeed, it makes achieving something actually feel like it when you work for it. Thanks :D