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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Voluntary Losses

  This time I knew full well I'd be losing ships. I logged on the see a reinforcement fleet going out. I x'ed up in my BB hoping to get a few more KMs for the competition. Turns out we were hunting some big prey. I made a quick 5 jumps to Hek and sat on the Otou gate to wait.

  Things were interesting as FC was looking for the targets still. A cyno got popped in Otou and we weren't sure if they had brought caps. We were only a moderate fleet so caps were out of the question. Our FC decided to go for risks and went for it. 9 flashies were on gate as I jumped through. A couple Scimis, a Falcon, Drakes galore, Canes, and a few others. Getting locks, I tried making myself invisible, but that's not possible in a Blackbird. Soon, I was targeted and going down. Fast. I tried warping to a safe since I was on timer but it was too late. Pod saver did its job and I bounced. It got crazy with lag at first and scared me since I was in planet view mode for some reason. Quickly exiting, I was still alive and warped off. I then waited a bit and went back to gate to jump back to Hek. A Mega jumped in in my absence and was primaried, I was sad when I wasn't able to be there to KM whore. Oh well. Since it was still going on, I docked and refitted to a griffin, hoping to be too small to notice. Not so. Again, I was able to get my pod out.

  Soon, it was apparent we weren't going to make too big a dent with 2 logi's on their side and ECM getting hammered. The FC called scatter and everyone bounced. It was called and I stayed docked in Hek to watch my market orders and write this. Odd, I didn't get the rush I usually do. Perhaps knowing I would die made me calm? Either way it was a great way to lose a couple ships. Great fleet.



Azmodeus Valar said...

I love seeing people willing to go out, get some pew pew, and accept that they'll lose ships. Thats a great attitude to have, and makes the game a lot more fun.

Memoocan said...

Indeed. I remember when I was still thinking people were crazy for going out and getting shot. But now, I am over losing ships and love to get some action. Still gets my blood going :P