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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


  Sorry for the slow posting. Halfway through my break from school. I'll be heading to the zoo in the morning with my girl, her first time to one ever. It's nice to relax, since I know I'll be heading back to torment at school. I've also noticed that my blog is a bit behind me in time. Sometimes it looks like I post twice in a day when it's actually two seperate days for me. Oh well, more reading for you, hope you don't mind.

  As for ingame, we are ending the Grunts. war and now being grief decced by a one man alliance. Yes, you read that right. Hopefully we can petition it. I would like to have some peace and be able to generate some ISK and not be cooped up. We shall see how it goes. Fleets lately have been no luck for me. I have been getting back into the SC saddle alot more, but each time I go out we either miss killing flashies for one reason or another or there are no targets to fight. It happens. I think being in the Uni, you have to expect that since so many fleets go out and we have a reputation.

  Anyways, hope to be back posting regularly in a few days.

Fly safe

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