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Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Quickie

  So the wartargets gave me another reason to give a quick post. I have a big post coming up for tomorrow so stay tuned in for it. But for tonight, and another 2-post day, I have a couple killmails for you. I know, shocker, it has been quite a while since I have been in a fleet for Pvp and one that actually gets a kill. Even better is that I'm on one, so that's another ticket for me. But sadly, it doesn't look bright for my chances at a Falcon. So many posts prior to mine with multiple kills in one post. Grats, since they certainly have been putting out the effort. All the more power to 'em.

  Anyways, sorry that I ramble. We decided to get a massive fleet together, and by we I mean a director, and go after the wartargets in their home system again. We took enough DD to insta pop anyone since they predictably play docking games. On arrival, the dimwitted smacktalk began. Apparently our genitals are nonexistent and our FC's are amateurs. Right. We dedicated an hour to the camp, with WTs undocking/docking and then one stupid WT tried to snipe quite a few times unsuccessfully. At one point in an undocking mayhem, one of our newer pilots locked a neutral and shot. Concord showed up quickly to dispatch him. No losses to WTs though.

  So with the same to WTs playing around, a new one shows up. In a Domi. And attacks us. Needless to say, when I finally locked him he was already into armor and went down quick. We even got his pod. Now take a second and look at the KM. He's in an RR fit with ECCM, ok. 5 EANMs....wha-? Someone doesn't understand diminishing returns. T1 heavy drones...sad. And why wouldn't you use Drone Link Augmentors instead of guns? Whatever he was thinking, we burned him down and got him in trouble with his corp. Good times. Local got quiet hehe

Later in the evening, the war against these guys dropped. Thank goodness, now we can do things again since the other wardec is braindead.

Our massive undock blob

  So there you are, something for bedtime reads and your amusement.


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