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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


  Another war? We are already dealing with the faildec from Bl00d Bath and Beyond, and I just logged in to find another war notification from Everto Rex Regis. Ok...mercs and it looks like they get around, but still. Wonder what's behind this one *rolls eyes*

  I still find it amusing that anyone thinks they can break the Ivy Alliance, as if we are strangers to war or that we don't have alts who can provide income. Seriously, it's just annoying. Especially when they hide after they find they got into the wrong fight. Oh well, it's a hazard of being in the Uni. I just wanna fight, instead of station spinning. Sometimes, I just can't wait to live in w-space.

  Sorry. Long war periods make me twitchy. Guess we will find out soon if this new declaration is worth our time or not. In the meantime, I am looking forward to a joint WH op with our friends over at the Everset Dropbears this week. It will be my first time venturing into an upper class wormhole (Class 4-6) and really wish I could take my Scorpion. It needs to be blooded, but the call is only for BCs and smaller.  My BS jumping in would equal 7 BCs, so we want to keep it small.

  Out of boredom, I did a little scanning in systems surrounding Aldrat and had fun tracking down a few useless wormholes. I'm getting better and I love faster scans. My Buzzard needs to come faster :P
I really need to focus more on school. First day back from break and I get the wonderful news of two failed tests. Well one failed, the other almost. Can I help it if Eve is more stimulating and interesting than monotonous schoolwork? *sigh*

  Anyways, time for sleep.


Nevore said...

You're going to love the Buzzard. Makes floating around in a Heron or whatever feel like training wheels. :D

Herodotus Prime said...

You'll notice that they have a high battleclinic rating, which means that as a rule our new WT's don't really like to fight. Also if you get a chance go over to the forums there is a HILARIOUS Proteus, T1 fitted of course, on their loss board.

I'm growing cynical about these fail decs' so I expect we'll see these guys today and then they'll dock up for the rest of the week. Just. Like. Everybody. Else. Does.

On a positive note, yeah get a Buzzard, they are saaaweeeeeet. The urban space camo is not to be missed.

Memoocan said...

Haha yea I have very little faith in their will to endure a war with the Uni. If only we had worthy opponents :P T1...on a T3 ship...w..t...f xDD

I definitely can't wait. Oh I know, it'll help me even more than the cloak, that camo. lol Only 9d to go til Frig V!