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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Statistics Round Up

  I mentioned a while ago that I might do a post on blog stats. Now, I don't care about numbers for any ego reasons. I just like to see where people are from and what they like to read. Lately, I think my writing has gotten bland so hopefully I can fix that. Fiction perhaps?

  Anyways, I took some screencaps so you can share the fun. Most of them are "all time" stats but the first one is the last month since the all time just shows a slant and no fun bumps. And no, these stats do not track my own viewing, I made sure of that. If it's hard to see, just click and it will enlarge,

Peak was 140 *\o/*  They dropped off dramatically this week though

Almost up to 2,000. Cool :D

This shows which topics people have read most. I am going to start using this more to write in the direction people seem to want most. Looks like you guys like tourneys :D I'd rather keep away from drama though

I was a bit surprised that most of you are from the US, with the UK in second. I think it's really cool to see all those other countries I never would have guess on there too. Ireland especially is a place I want to go before I die.

It seems Blogger tracks just about everything. I use Google Chrome myself and I guess I'm not alone. Of course, Mac users are the smaller pieces, but not as small as I would have thought. Take that Windows xD

   I hope this is fun for you too. I love feedback, so if you want to see something written about let me know. After all, I humbly serve my readers.

*UPDATE* Alright, so you guys asked about some additional information and as I put in my comment, I did some digging. I searched through a few tracking services, but I think Feedburner will do the best job, since it specifically said it tracks GR hits and others. So, to my knowledge this is a redirect from my original feed to get accurate results. It is now live and hereafter will track how you guys read my posts. When I get some better results, I'll do another post or come back to this one. I hope that works :)

  Take care,


Azmodeus Valar said...

I also use google analytics on my blog so I get more detailed country statistics. Blogger only shows the top 10 countries for the time period selected.

Also, do people using the in-game browser show up from their home country, or from london?

Anonymous said...

I read your blog via google reader - I wonder if it shows up or not.

Memoocan said...

Ah, true I never thought of the IGB. I wonder if that's in there as the native client or not and in which country. Not sure myself.

Yea, I figured the stats might be skewed since people have so many different ways of reading nowadays. Perhaps it's part of the mobile or just shows as the browser used?

Viperous Stark said...

I would also be curious about if it shows stats for people using Google Reader

Memoocan said...

Ok, so I did some hunting. I am an artist and writer, so the nuances of what I found are a bit beyond me at the moment. Heh, I only just started learning HTML much less modifying this. From what I understand, Blogger doesn't have the option to track views from the RSS feed. I have to tag the links in my feed with the utm variables. Not sure how or what to do for that. Feedburner is also something I found which I might test out to see if it tracks Google Reader hits. I've never used Analytics myself. Does it track GR hits, Azmo?

Azmodeus Valar said...

I don't believe that analytics catches google reader hits, since I imagine that involves some sort of cache and converts the entries to something viewable in reader.....No clue, really.