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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aggressive Competition

  I got to stretch my Pvp legs again tonight. This time in the form of two back to back low sec roams. Rather unanticipated since I don't usually do that much fleeting, but successful so I'm ok with it.

  The first fleet was rather long. We ended up flying through most systems, just missing targets and hoping to get a few targets of opportunity. Either they had us scouted or were just moving before we could get to them. So we started to head home when a flashy Jaguar jumped into us. 10km off gate, I locked him and started my jams. Being so fast and close already I figured we'd lose it before we could down him. But our tacklers did well and webbed him to a crawl. Soon, it was fun to see the explosion flare in space. The weird part was that the wreck turned yellow. What?! There was a Vaga on gate with us but as you see, didn't touch the Jag. We thought at the time that a stealth bomber might have ganked it, but alas nothing. Our FC decided to petition and have yet to hear on it.

  A few jumps from home, another fleet was x-ing up. On impulse, I x'ed up in my Blackbird again.  This was a rather quick fleet but definitely worth it. We went out to lowsec, wandering around looking for fight. Or I assumed we were wandering. Our FC suddenly had us warping a couple jumps, the tone giving away that we had action. Next thing I know, we jump into a BS/BC gate camp, points being called out. I locked up most of the ships and started my jams when the primary got called on a Cane. It went down fast as did a Megathron. The assorted other ships got away sadly since they were so close to gate or tacklers didn't spread points like they were supposed to. Either way it was a great fleet, especially with the speed in which we got kills. We headed home after those.

  The main reason I decided to go out so much today is a competition that a fellow Unista is putting on. Since Ewar is getting scarce, the more ewar links you put on to the thread, the more tickets you get in the pot for the Recon ship of your choice. For me, it's going to be a Falcon. I love the thought of cloaky ECM. Best part is, if you use an Ewar dedicated ship with your mods, you get 2 tickets for one kill. In one day, I now have 6 tickets in the pot. I hope to add to that as the month wears on. I really want that recon, since I'm working towards it already.

  It feels good to see flashies on my overview again.

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Azmodeus Valar said...

This is a great competition, and I'm glad to see that its having the desired result of encouraging people to try ewar.

As long as we don't start having fleets of nothing but 25 blackbirds :)