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Thursday, October 7, 2010


  It seems we are getting fixes bit by bit. The third patch has come out today to fix the UI issues that have been around the last couple weeks. I've been reviewing the patch notes and there's some interesting stuff.

  I like the PI improvements like faster scanning and color differentiation for what has already been told to extract. The aligning to bookmarks is one I've wanted for a while now and much appreciated. The newest patch also seems to have added a diplomat corp role. I have limited experience with corporation structure, but I thought this was already an existing entity. I guess not. Pinning windows has already been addressed, thank goodness. I haven't logged on for a prolonged time yet, so I will still have to check whether or not the double overview issue is resolved or not. But if you're interested in all the minutiae, look at the notes. At least CCP was relatively quick about it...relative to the rest of my life :P

  There is also new dev blogs out about the upcoming character overhaul and Incursion Dungeon mass test. Now some pilots might get touchy and say dungeons belong in other games, but I'm happy to see how it works out. I like the thought of getting challenges that require groups to work together towards a certain goal. I know there are plenty similar cases, like missions or fleets, but still. I am a former WoW player so it is familiar to me. I hope that the Eve universe will keep it interesting and not a grind.

  I also wanted to give a heads up for this weekend and next week. I am going to be on break from school and home with my girl for a week. I'm not sure how it will impact my writing and playing. But don't worry if I miss a day or two, I shall return and regale you with rambling soon.



Azmodeus Valar said...

The diplomat role is a huge move foward. Previously, setting standings to another corp required director level access, which has A LOT of extra roles that you might not want your generic diplomats to have. It seriously complicated who could be authorized to deal with other corporations or alliances, and often required them to ask a director to set the standings they had negoitated.

This role fixes that.

Memoocan said...

Ah, that certainly explains it. And I can see why it was a much needed change. The whole corporation structure, and alliance for that matter, needs a bit of an overhaul to make roles more intuitive and better protect from overnight dissolving by spais. At least, that's my understanding.