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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

War Grind

  The wartargets came to visit Aldrat. Of course, noooow they finally bring the smack talk. With comments that questioned director character to saying how we run from fights made for a semi-amusing few minutes. When you smack with the eloquence of a 6 year old, you really just can't hold my attention. One comment was made, however, that got me thinking since it's not the first time I have heard it.

  They called the students sheep.

  Now, I don't know about you, but I never realized that self control and restraint in the face of stupidity and taunting made you a sheep. Is that what they call discipline and order these days? Simply because students are held to a standard and choose to do so hardly makes them sheep. Sheep are mindless animals that, as such, REact to a situation. When we CHOOSE a tactical advantage over some "fair fight" silliness or we CHOOSE to remain quite in local, that in itself disproves our state as "sheep".  So please, don't misinterpret our professional and mature behavior as some mindless followers. We just don't want to feed the trolls. If only more corporations functioned the same way.

  Got some lulz when a neut asked what was going on in local. They got this reply:
[02:32:39] Another neut > going on? I think a bunch of penis measuring, very little action

  Of course, since we don't talk it's all on Everto Rex Regis trying to measure what they lack in the nethers. What amuses me most is how they call for the "noobs" to come out to play, when they themselves are barely older than

  They ended up arguing with that neut over senseless things, I just logged with better things to do like homework. So our war grinds on, yet to have any blood spilled. No complaints of blobs though....yet. I'm starting to mentally urge my training for cov ops to go faster so that I can move on from the Uni. I love it, but I do have goals in mind that the Uni can't fulfill.

  On a lighter note, the wormhole op I signed up for is shaping up nicely. It looks like I have been slated to roll out my Scorpion for the first time. I'm pretty excited to use that bad boy and get some good ECM-in-a-WH experience. My brother is also hopin' to come along in his shield Cane, which will be fun since we have a horde of logi pilots joining the party. Can't wait :D



Herodotus Prime said...

The most interesting, and disgusting, aspect of Eve Online is the release of people's inner douchnozzle. The combination of Internet Anonymity and oh so serious spaceship gaming obviously strips away any trappings of gentility from its participants.

Think of it as going to a really lousy pre-school but with spaceships on the Intertoobz. I really need to assess why I'm playing this game...

Memoocan said...

Heh indeed. In most ways, I hate the whole Internet Anonymity phenomena. It only gives way to creeps and people's inner jock strap.

Cuz intrnet space shipz is srs bznz :D