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Monday, October 11, 2010


  With all the new stuff I hear about over on the Singularity server, I decided it was about time I tried to get my butt over there and see what all the hubub is about.  One would think that with the new installer CCP developed, this would be a breeze. But of course I like it the hard way since I have a Mac. :P

  So I began my search for how to get started the old fashioned way.  After copying my client once, I found I can no longer do it that way. I had to completely re-download the SiSi client and modify it from there. Two hours later, I have it. I begin the process and all goes well. When I had copied the client initially, I started it up and it seemed to work. It asked if I wanted to put on the 400 MB patch, which I denied in case it patched the wrong client. After I downloaded the client again, I installed and all went well. I got it up and going and logged in to find a copy of my character that was quite old. I didn't even have my Drake yet. Scary. Seeing so few skills on my list was a bit disconcerting, but it's a test server so I'm not too worried. I found myself a few jumps out from Aldrat, a system where I had done a WH long ago. I made my way back, docking up about 6j out. I wanted to see the character editor.

  Now, it must be just me or maybe SiSi hates Macs in general, but I can't get the editor to load. The bar gets about half way there, teasing me, but never actually gets past it. Since everyone else has been posting captures of their character makeovers, I assume it's just me. Not sure what's wrong, but I did notice that when I started it up it never asked to patch. I tried to manually patch, but it said I can't patch the version I have.

  Until I can figure it out, or CCP makes a Mac installer, I am left out of the editor fun. I can still mess around on the server, though. Wonder how different it will be from TQ.



reaper cross said...

As far as I'm aware if you can log into sis then you have the current patch installed other wise it would'nt let you log on in the first place. When I first tryed it (granted I use windows so it was alot easyer for me ) when I logged on for the first time it put me straight into the char editor altho I couldn't get the thing to work so stoped trying and had a go with the new rockets:) hope you get it sorted


Memoocan said...

That's true and that's why I got a bit confused. But then again, I am on a Mac so there's bound to be bugs and problems. I guess I'll be patient for when it actually comes out.