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Sunday, October 10, 2010


  For some reason, this 30 bil officer mod fit Paladin lost to ninja suicide gankers has resurfaced as news. At least within the Uni yesterday. Maybe that's just me, maybe I'm just crazy. Anyways, it reminded me of an old post I made when I first got addicted to Ewar. I had begun my training for the Blackbird and wanted to find every way to use it. I still like the idea so I thought I'd share it again here.

  ECM is nearly impossible to utilize in PvE environments. Upper-class wormholes are about the only application I have found, in fact. I hope to blood my Scorpion in one soon. Otherwise, ECM has been sequestered into Pvp fleets only. But I like to try to break the box. So, after a few minutes of thinking I came up with the Missioner's Peace of Mind.

  It's a simple way for those that have to venture into low sec for missions to be able to increase their survivability and keep some sanity. I tag along with them to their mission sites and keep an eye on DScan and local. My payment comes in the form of bounties, which I get simply by being present. I stay alert and let them focus on completing their objective quickly. If a malcontent probes and warps in, somehow without me noticing, I still have the ability to jam and otherwise distract the ganker while my client has precious moments to warp away. Blackbirds are disposable ECM platforms anyway, so not much lost if I do end up space dust. I have yet to be taken up on the offer, but it is always available. Of course, any persistent or overwhelming force will still make plenty of trouble, but that's not the point.

  This role will be infinitely easier on my end when I eventually fly a Falcon, as I'll be able to cloak. Although I am certainly enthusiastic about being employed in such a way, I do know there might be those willing to bait me into a trap. Not sure why they'd want such a cheap kill but whatever. I wanted to put it out again to get a bit more feedback.

  I like the idea, what about you? Any glaring flaws or tweaks you think would be better?



Azmodeus Valar said...

There are 3 small problems with your plan.

1. The vast majority of a mission runners income will come from bounties. You'll effectively be taking half of that, which will cut the money to be less then they could make running missions in high-sec safely.

2. A falcon would be effective against 1 or 2 attackers, but if hit with a small gang, it won't be able to save the mission ship.

3. Trust. People would have to trust you not to just lock them down and bring in a gang of your own. In the UNI, you'd be able to find people willing to trust you, but outside of the UNI, trust is not easily given.

Memoocan said...

Ah, good points. I don't mission myself so I didn't realize I would be stealing all their income. As for small gangs, I realize I can only do so much and it's more of a back up plan than anything else. I do what I can to get them out and hopefully it works. I may just offer it to the Uni, since Eve is certainly not a universe of trusting pilots. Thanks Azmo :)