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Thursday, October 14, 2010

War Development

  So despite the continued idiocy of the new griefer, someone decided to join him. Buckshot apparently thinks we are macro haulers? As you see, they have only hauler kills and noobship kills. Big killer, those guys. We should be worried....oh..wait. If it were up to me, CCP would be nullifying this whole stupid charade. But of course, I assume their only response would be "nobody's keeping you from doing anything." As such an asset to Eve Online, CCP would be smart to pay a bit more attention to E-Uni. But then, they like killing the golden goose don't they?

  So let me ask this, where the heck does all the animosity come from that people have some burning desire to perma-dec us? We are a CHARITY corp that TEACHES noobs. That warrants unmitigated trolling and emoraging? If you don't like blobs, don't fight us. Or just don't fight. We are hardly the only ones to use blobs. Apparently, simply being known as a "noob" corp means everyone should take a shot at us. So let's see then, if you win the war it means to beat noobs. Oh wow, great accomplishment. If you lose, you'll lose hard and it means you were beaten by noobs. Either way, you're pretty lame. I simply don't see why this and other individuals feel some need to end Ivy. Which, by the way, you really won't accomplish. Ever. So quit while you're ahead and go play Hello Kitty.

  I just want to know the logic or psychology behind such stupidity. I'm curious, truly. What makes people into complete f***tards when it comes to the Uni?



Herodotus Prime said...

Think of someone you know that you consider to be of average IQ. Then remember that half the population is below that, with our current griefer somewhere near the bottom of the scale. Now consider that these people drive cars, own guns and are found everywhere on the planet.

Pretty frightening when you think about it.

Memoocan said...

Hahaha after having that ragerant, a comment like yours is always great to have. It's so true, I guess I'm a bit optimistic when I hope that instead they are at least on par with the minds in the Uni.

Of course this is why the Uni lets the guns do the talking :P