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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bad Day

  Today has not gone well at all. Got on to check things and ended up in a C3 wormhole. Awesome, hopefully I can make up for the C2 that got ruined the other night. I thought to myself. Right.

  We had one guy triple boxing, which is amazing since it's a stretch for me to even think of dualboxxing myself. He did awesome, but lost a BC in the first site. Early on it was easy to see we needed more DPS, but we trudged on. Halfway into our second site, another wormhole opened up and we saw BSes on scan. Widow, Scorp, Machariel, Orca...turns out they were just collapsing it. But a Tengu did find us right as we were warping out, just in case they wanted to gank us. We let the hole simmer for a bit and recuperated. When we headed back in, it was empty so we went back to running sites. On our third site, we somehow accidentally tripped the next wave when we still had a bunch of sleepers on field. Doh, bad day. So we skipped to the next one.

  We were working our way through, my triple boxxing friend eventually bringing in an Abaddon to help out. Well, we went back to the site that we had skipped. We whittled down their numbers as we warped in and out, eventually my tank could hold their DPS. Trouble started when we killed this wave. The next wave had 3 BSes, 2 scram frigs, and some cruisers. Way too much fire for my poor Drake to withstand. Since I couldn't warp out, I was doomed and knew it. I jettisoned my hold and hoped it got out before I popped. Bad day. The stuff like warp cores were in my hold since I had travel fitted it just in case. We ended up losing 2 more BC's but thankfully the Abaddon got out. So we called it, hoping to get our losses in the loot we already had.

  I headed back to Drat with my autopilot. I manually piloted to 0, but followed the yellow trail. While doing this, I was on TS, on my browser and basically afk while I flew. I figured a pod is fast anyways to break any camp. Except when lag decides to show thing I know my overview is raging a flashy red and I'm waking up in my clone. I just lost 100 mil in implants and my fully fit WH Drake. I had been on Eve for waaaaay longer than I ever intended and just lost big. This may seem like chump change to most pilots, but it has set me back over half of my wallet. I think I should mission for a while....

  This was all 10 min ago so I need to log and calm down. It's just a game, so I won't be upset long but this sucks.

  Fly safer than I do


Herodotus Prime said...

Sorry to hear your sad tail today. If you need some iskies to get you back on your feet, just shoot me off an email and I'll send you a care package.

I hate losing implants.

Viperous Stark said...

Not so bad ;)

Memoocan said...

Thanks Hero, I really appreciate it. I should be ok, it's just a hard hit to take all at once. I slowly accumulated +4 implants over my whole career, so it was tough to lose. If I can just get one good wormhole op to go smoothly, I'll be happy. I just can't wait til the day when this barely registers to me :/

Thanks again :)

Azmodeus Valar said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. It sucks that you had to lose that stuff, but it says a lot about you that you analyzed what happened, thought about it, and are moving ahead.

Talk to me in-game and I'll help cover a cheap (+3) set of implants to hold you over for now.