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Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Review *edited*

  So it seems I am a complete idiot. For whatever reason, my inability to log in earlier today had nothing to do with patching, as that comes tomorrow. But it is going to be big. And I mean really big. I hope you guys set a long skill in your que, because a 12 hour patch period is going to have some big behind the scenes modifications that can make a mess of everything else. I have 7 days left for my skill, which finishes on my birthday and lets me jump into my Cov Ops, although I can't cloak it properly. If you want to know what exactly is happening, check out the Dev Blog. Since I was locked out for whatever reason, I'll do a weekend review for you all.

  A new record was set for gaming, as well as Eve itself, when a system held 3200 pilots without the node exploding. That's not a typo, just one tremendous feat. If I remember correctly it was in LXQ2-T and from what I hear, it takes about 20 minutes just to log in to that system now. Of course, with such an opportunity not to be wasted, CCP Atlas jumped into the fray to gain valuable information, only to be popped in his Ibis. Smart dude.

  Over the weekend, I did a bit of work for a couple pilots. The first was my brother. He had asked that I do some signature art for him a while back and finally gave me what he wanted it to look like. So I give you another sig art for your perusal and my portfolio:

Click to see bigger.

  He really seemed to like how it turned out and that's all that really matters. I had fun doing it and I like how it came out too. The next pilot, Mr. James "Wormhole Addict" Arget, had me doing some sound byte editing for the Wormhole Club. I have mentioned it before and thankfully it seems everything has worked out well for the Club. We are going through some reorganization that will be good for everyone. Anyways, he gave me a class recording and had me edit out the dead air and command channel chatter as well as a few other tweaks I did to make it flow better. If you'd like to check it out, or would like other class recordings to learn from, visit our Class Library. My edit is the first under "New Arrivals" and the rest are very valuable teaching tools that I encourage everyone to utilize. I saved a piece of the sound byte as an mp3 all to itself because I found some hilarious chatter involving a banana. Blackmail? Probably not, but funny all the same.

  Things have been a bit slow, since I've only really been putting a PvP Scorpion together and I actually missioned. *gasp* I know it was weird to me too. It turned out to be a blockade and it was an annoying one. I took out my passive shield Myrm that is fit for WHs, so it had no trouble for a long time. I have something like 40 angels pounding on me, but couldn't break my tank. Of course, I forgot they have triggers and hit a wave early. No worries though, I worked my way through them. Slowly. I forgot arties are nothing like missiles. I'm not sure level 3's are worth salvaging or looting for me so I let someone else come in and clean up for me. I eventually warped out and swapped for my Drake which took care of things nicely. 

  But of course, I couldn't pass up more exciting things so I joined a fleet for a C3 WH. It looked to be a profitable run with 2 radars, a mag site and a bunch of anomalies. It was intended to be an armor plus logi gang, but ended up as self tanked battlecruisers. Naturally, my Drake came out. So we made our long way to the hole and two of us jumped inside. Well the FC warped off to a solar cell to see if we could get things going while we waited. But, something odd had happened. Someone must have come before us, because the Solar Cell already had 7 cruisers and 3 battleships. Whaat? Someone killed the frigs which triggered the waves early. Idiots. So like the brave souls we are, we took our two Drakes in and primaried the RR battleship. It was tense as they ate through our shields, switching from him as soon as they broke him to me. We were both aligned out for that reason, but I must have lagged  because I hit warp before they broke me and still ended up with a quarter of my armor gone. We did this a couple times until the rest of the gang showed up to finish him off. After that, it was just a matter of cleaning up the rabble. We moved on through a couple more sites, frustrated when our salvager reported NO melted nanoribbons. Thankfully, that changed toward the end but still a bit sad. It got really late so we called it before cleaning out the hole. I had fun with yet another wormhole under my belt and even took a few pictures. Our scout took some great screen shots and posted them...but now I can't find them on his blog. Head over to him and ask where he's hiding the good stuff. You know the run is slow when your scout is busy taking pictures :P Here are a few of mine, nothing great

  I almost forgot to mention that November is National Novel Writing Month. Personally, this is an awesome month. I love writing, especially fiction. But my process and my pace means I probably won’t be able to write a complete novel by the end of the month. I have a couple different personal fictions sitting and an Eve fic that I need to work on sometime soon. I guess this month is great for that. :) So if you enjoy writing, go for it if only to have the satisfaction of completing a writing challenge. Who knows, you might be able to publish it some day.

  How was your weekend?

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