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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Writing and Such

  You may or may not have noticed my posting slow down lately. It has been a mix of choice and circumstance. The last dozen posts or so, with a few exceptions, have felt like I’m just trying to force something out in the name of posting consistently. When I started the blog, I posted every day and sometimes multiple times in a day. That’s not to say I am burnt out, but I want my writing to be quality. Quite frankly, I’ve surprised myself coming this far. I have tried my hand at a blog before and
I could never post consistently. I guess having a focus for the writing helps :P

 The choice part of things is to try to keep the posts farther in quality than in quantity. I don’t want them to simply become things that are not relevant or not worth reading. Don’t let it be said I don’t think of you, reader. The consequence side of things is due to a lull in gameplay. I log in most days and just stare of my ships, perhaps move some things around, but largely inactive. I have refined my scanning, which was much needed. I am much faster and more efficient than I used to be. Until the shorter stretch of training ends and things pick back up, posting will be slow.

  The National Month of Novel Writing is also still young. I certainly won’t be able to write a novel this month, but it has pushed me back into working on stories I have had sitting idle. I have revised my Eve fic, revised a cyberpunk fic I am working on, and elaborated a bit more on a fantasy. If I can get to a place I feel works well and is interesting enough, I am thinking of finally posting the Eve fic right here. That comes with some hesitation.

  I have always been a bit wary when it comes to fan fiction. The majority of the time….it’s just painful to read. Thankfully, Eve capsuleers seem to be better at it than the denizens of other universes. There are some great blogs that write Eve fic well. With the way I write, I take artistic liberties and might step on rules-lawyer types. That’s less of a worry to me. As with my photography or other endeavors, I am wary of self publishing things on the internet thanks to thieves. That is not to say you, my dear readers, have ill any intentions. But the interwebs are a vast beast. Enough of my insecurities, though. Life permitting, I will have it for you this week. Pesky art critique…

  Just so this post is even somewhat interesting, I’ll leave give a little story. So last night, a bunch of us were bored. I have scanned down a handful of worthless wormholes and was getting tired of it. A friend had found a decent C1, something I had never run. Since it had been a while since my last WH and he wanted to make things “interesting”, we were looking for cruisers and smaller. Well, nobody was really on so we settled for him in an Ishkur, a couple guys that had never done WH’s in a Caracal, and two Canes. It turned into an exercise in learning and fun, with a bonus of some ISK. I decided to play salvager in my salvage Drake, which I thoroughly enjoy. I can contribute and make ISK, but had time to sit and write while they blew stuff up. It was rather easy and I had sites cleaned while they were working through the next. Interesting part came when our FC went afk, leaving the new guys to work on a site by themselves. Next thing I hear, rather calmly, was “check, check..uuh…there’s a Tengu here”. O.o

  So our FC has them bug out, trying to get particulars at the same time. I think the new guy was a bit overwhelmed, since it took him a bit to get out and talk through things. I just sat in my safe cloaked until we got definitives. One of the other guys was able to drag the Tengu’s name into chat and we looked him up. The killboard was….well it was sad. The Tengu had cloaked after showing himself so it was safe to say he was in a covert ops fit, which would have pitiful dps and tank. The KB said we probably didn't have much to worry about anyways. After the initial scare, we finally found out they weren’t actually in a site. He had jumped into the WH and was probably just checking things out. Our FC, a Tengu pilot himself, started getting eager for a kill. The Uni is neutral, so we don’t fight unless engaged…as frustrating as that can be in wspace. One of us had to log so the others reshipped to a Drake, and kept the Canes. If we were going to get jumped, we were making sure we got a nice kill or if he ejected, a new Tengu. I had developed a devious plan to get my salvage Drake on the KM too. But we didn’t hear from our Tengu friend the rest of the time and burned through more sites before we wore out. I need to run to Jita at some point today to sell it all, but we made a nice haul for a C1. 30 some odd melted nano ribbons was a welcome shock.

  So there you are, my reader, I hope this satisfied your literary appetite for a time, rambling and all. Hopefully I can have something again when you get hungry.

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