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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CSM Item List

  Recently, the CSM put out a list of 203 items of interest that have needed attention by CCP. But they need the player base to root out which are the most important issues. I have read over the ones that I have interest in as well as some that I don't necessarily. Some are good, some I wonder how they got on the list in the first place, and some I don't see that should probably be there instead of others.

  If you head over to the list, it gives the list and a breakdown on each point. After you go through them and decide what you would like to see changed the most, you can head over to their thread and give your input. It is good for as many people to do this as possible because it gives more voice from more players, which makes sure what is looked at is actually what most people want, rather than just a vocal minority.

 One I found interesting, but one I don't think should really get too much focus was 156. I can see the reasoning, but I don't see even RPers taking up a rig slot just for added immersion. And from what I heard from my brother when he used to play STO, it smacks a bit of that mechanic. It could be interesting, but I don't see the need. Other items like fixing drone logic, aggression timer fixes, UI fixes, and others are a bit more worthwhile in my opinion. That's just me.

  So what are you hoping gets worked on in the hopefully near future? I also have a question. After saying near future, some people may have put ™ which is something I have noticed happens alot in Eve conversations.....why is the trademark symbol used? What does it mean in those kind of contexts? There's things like that I don't understand, so perhaps it's a cultural thing or a game thing I missed.

  Anyways, I look forward to the CSM keeping CCP in shape for developments.

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