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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


  After loading up the Eve client, I was met with the new build and the Tyrannis 1.2 patch. I was cautiously optimistic and pretty happy that the update didn't eat up the whole day. I love the time zone differences that work in my favor. The only thing I know of is an hour longer downtime than anticipated and they did quite well at not breaking anything. When I logged in, everything was normal and people were about their business. CCP, you are doing quite well :)

  Which I've been thinking about for a while now. I have heard comments in forums and in game that it's sad how our gauge for "CCP did well" is more along the lines of "CCP didn't fail too hard this time". Is it deserved for them to receive harsh criticism in every instance that it is given? I find it odd that with a developer that includes a body like the CSM and does try to let their input matter, CCP seems to always be at the disadvantage in the minds of the players. It is not often that when they do well, you see it reflected in blog posts or forums posts. You see more comments on how things should be better, better, better whether it is one issue or another. Perhaps I see this more because I am more involved with the Eve community than I have been with other gaming communities. But I don't think I'm too far off. I do acknowledge that CCP has a long way to go to perfect what they have and do fall into the traps of the next shiny thing in developing. However, people need to remember to keep perspective. It's good that they are so passionate, it shows CCP has made a product that is loved and invested in. CCP is also made up of humans, fallible and limited as they may be, but still humans. You have to give them credit somewhere, while still pushing them for excellence.

  New Eden is an ever growing environment that has growing pains and being outspoken as a player base makes sure it grows in the right direction. Heck, I'm glad the CSM was able to talk CCP out of micro-transactions. That would have been a horrible way to go and they couldn't even give a good reason for wanting to put it in the game. Of course, we will need to push them hard and sometimes look at them sternly and say "No!", but I think we can do it maturely. I would like to think capsuleers are an intelligent and mature group, especially compared to other games. So, less forum trolling and ranting about how CCP sucks, and more constructive discussions yes? Lag is being dealt with, but that just means people will shove more ships into a system and inevitably cause the lag. So no whining when you are the cause, mkay?

As for me, I'll end this rant...for now. I'm watching you, though, trolls O.O. Not my readers of course, I know they are angels.

  As they say, you get more flies with honey than overheated autocannons...or something.


Anxiir said...

I troll the forums, but prolly not the way you expect. Like last time there was an extended downtime. OMFG all people do is cry constantly about how its down for an extra hour or 2.

I usually say something like 'QQ moar plz'. Then that starts everybody who knows patching/fixing/upgrading the Eve Online server/client has to be hard as hell and they will start trolling the whiners, it gets quite funny if you watch the topic for a bit.

Sometimes you know there are some very obvious oversights on CCPs part but people just need to calm down a bit and/or HTFU.

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get the information that CCP had dropped MT?
I've been desperately hoping to hear that, but I'm not going to let myself hope until I hear it from the horse's mouth.