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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grand Theft Dreadnought

  The more I am in wspace, the more I love it. You just don't get stories like this in Empire. I logged on to update bookmarks and see what was going on in our hole. A fleet was forming up as I got onto comms to run Sleeper sites. It was a good time to blood my new Myrmidon, Angel's Fury. It's complete resist and buffer for Sleeper sites and since we had Logi support, I was happy to take it out. I have to say, being in a corp that lives in wspace sites are extremely fast. It's normal for them and they just breeze through all opposition. We had gone through 4 and part way through our fifth, one of our corpmates who had been out scanning started talking.

  He had followed a Heron to see if we could get a fight. Only he followed it to a POS that, despite the contrary 5 min earlier, had no shield. With hangers and arrays and ships littering the area. And a unpiloted Moros. It was the first dreadnaught I have seen in space before. So we popped the hangars and arrays and started getting everything out that we could pilot, which was everything. I dropped my Myrm back to our POS and podded my way back to pick up a Retriever. After leaving it back at base, I reshipped to my new Thrasher. Oh yea, btw I lost my first Thrasher and got podded yesterday. That was a hassel and 50j just to get back home. But back to the fun stuff.

  We scanned the ship, finding it to be fully fitted and had a siege module. So what do you do with something like that? We stole it, of course. Not only that, we turned around and bashed the offline tower to dust. A first for me and it certainly pads my killboard. The problem, however, was deciding what to do with the monster. We couldn't take it out, since the connections weren't able to handle a cap ship. We could self destruct for insurance or sell it or ransom it...but it ended up that we turned to the other POS in system. We had a dread, so we figured if it was Stronted we would leave it alone or smash it if it wasn't. Since my Thrasher would get alpha'd I went back to my Myrm to do some real POS bashing.

Funniest name for stolen property on Dscan.

Little POS go boom

  I have to say, POS modules give quite the padding. We wiped out the guns first, since we had alot of smaller ships and Logi's took care of the small DPS they were dishing out. It was easier than fighting Sleepers. A piloted Orca sat in the shields, afk I assume or too scared to do anything. After a solid ten minutes, a Retriever warped into the shields along with an Iteron III. POS bashing is boring when you're just sitting in BS's, but a Dread makes things more interesting.

 Local even didn't seem to mind as we hammered them:
[03:22:51] Kelbash > this is awsome, too bad i am the target...oh well
[03:24:20] Darth Stewie > yall accepting applications??

We worked on the tower for a while, but wanted to get out soon because our connections were weak and end of life. The corp had also done bashing just before I joined and was tired of it as it was. The Moros made life easier, but still. The carebears acted extremely new and noobish, so we tried a bluff. We gave them options of leaving with their pods and give us what they have and a few others. I offered the idea of giving us the Orca, which would let us take the Moros fittings and a free Orca. Unfortunately, the Orca pilot had logged off after feeding us a line. His corpmate's stupidity soon revealed itself:

[04:19:58] My corpmate > *hem* interesting
[04:20:16] My corpmate> You said you didn't have the access to take the tower down
[04:20:36] My corpmatet > Except for the fact you just onlined an array
[04:20:45] My corpmate> Ergo, you have the roles to take the tower down
[04:21:12] Darth Stewie > true so why make it easy on you
[04:21:30] Darth Stewie > make u use your ammo and waste your time
[04:21:43] Darth Stewie > pop the pos i dont give a shit
[04:22:34] Darth Stewie > see i havent played this game long but im not that dumb
[04:22:51] Darth Stewie > i know as soon as the shields went down yall would pop me
[04:22:58] My corpmate > Paranoid lot
[04:23:11] Darth Stewie > nope just a fact
[04:23:14] My corpmate > Fair enough, I can understand the paranoia, given that you've not seen us before
[04:23:28]My corpmate > And, while I can assure you we won't shoot you
[04:23:34] My corpmate > You won't believe me
[04:23:36] Darth Stewie > so why fuck with this pos when we didnt fuck with yall
[04:24:48] My corpmate > Well, one of your alliance members did give us a dread
[04:25:12] Darth Stewie > well he left that dread here because get it out of the hole
[04:25:18] Darth Stewie > just like yall cant
[04:25:36] Darth Stewie > he couldnt
[04:26:01] My corpmate > Well, yes, it can't leave, so we had to take it to the nearest tower
[04:27:07]My corpmate > But I imagine you're aware of that
[04:27:26] Darth Stewie > yea we see it
[04:28:10] Darth Stewie > but soon yall will be out of ammo or the hole will close
[04:28:29] Darth Stewie > then yall will be stuck here with no ammo just drone
[04:28:32] Darth Stewie > drones*
[04:28:41] My corpmate > Lasers don't remember out of ammo, and probes are reusable
[04:29:01] My corpmate > That is, run, and really, you wouldn't be the first tower
[04:29:05] Darth Stewie > lasers have crystals and they burn out
[04:29:34] Darth Stewie > oh u talking the other tower in here?
[04:29:58] Darth Stewie > the one u took out that really didnt have anything there worth anything but the moros
[04:30:07] Darth Stewie > he one that was offline

  Apparently lasers run out of ammo and saying the other POS had nothing worthwhile in it besides the saying "the bank had nothing but money in it" as someone commented on comms.

  So TL;DR is we stole a Moros, bashed the POS that housed it and proceeded to bash the neighboring POS for kicks and sent it into reinforced before going home.

  One thing I do know now is that I want to try flying a Stealth Bomber. I have the skills already since I fly Cov Ops and Torp training is a matter of a day or two, less when I remap. I hear the Manticore isn't the best, but it'll be what I have to work with. A new type of role to learn and more fun to be had.
Now for more pretty pictures.

Gotta be one of the coolest sounds from a gun in the game

First POS again

Biggest pewpew I've ever seen


...After we self destructed it.


PS-sorry for disjointed phrasings. It was around 3 or 4 am when I wrote this. 


Druur Monakh said...

Well, the person was not fully incorrect: Faction and T2 crystals do burn out after a while - but it takes a thousand or more of shots.

Memoocan said...

Yes but he was expecting them to burn out after a half hour of bashing. The corp was straight care bears, so while he may have been somewhat right it was only by chance.

Amusing all the same xD