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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrity Night

  I just had one of the best fleets. In fact, I'm still shaking from the adrenaline rush. And talk about a celebrity bunch to fight too. But a set up is in order.

  So, I had and still have at the moment a clean C2 I wanted to run. I couldn't get any interest in it when I called for roles so I decided to join a fleet that was forming up. I could tell it was going to be interesting when I saw some roles that were different from normal. So naturally I took my Blackbird. However, this time I decided to buy some rigs since I have yet to do that on cruisers. So I picked up some ECM rigs and remembered I didn't have the skill trained. So I had to wait 21 min with the rigs in my hold while the fleet started to move into low sec right off of Hek.

  We were moving quickly and our FC seemed to know where he was headed for a fight. We made it a few jumps out from Hek and then ended up gatecamping for a while. Normal Uni fleet til then. We were then told to jump into the next system and gate camp the upcoming gate for a while. I was nearly to the gate when all of a sudden I hear "Check, Check! Flashy Domi on gate" and just as I get on grid I see it is none other but Nashh Kadavr himself. Locking him down I started my newly strengthened jams and got lucky. But not before he let loose his Warrior II's on me, forcing me off field before I popped. It was good because as I leave, a flashy fleet jumps in and primaries are called. Blood rushing hard now, I am impatient to bounce back at range. My overview flooded with angry flashes and I was surprised at the big names. Red Vegas, Flashfresh, Nashh, Kingwood, and a few others had decided to jump us. Too bad they didn't know we had our own secrets, in the form of cloaked torps unleashing their fury. I landed jams on all the big names I could see just for the KM, which ended up leading to my downfall.

  Jams cycled and I watched my brackets to make sure I wasn't targeted. Nashh had gone down hard and Flashfresh was called primary before Kingwood was on field. Our FC seemed to have a grudge with KW, so he was next on the list as well as podded. It seems I had a bit of celeb shock and too much adrenaline because I noticed the yellow box from Fizixx in a Drake. I did get a jam on him as I was spamming warp but not before I watched my armor melt and ended up in my pod. I cannot see a better way to lose my Blackbird. There were two other kills before the big battle was over. So I bounce and dock up for my noob ship, only to hear there's a Loki toying with us off the Arnher gate. So I warp to the gate and orbit, waiting for a warp in just to get in on the KM. I didn't care if I got popped and podded this time either. With such a good fight, I was high and ready to kill or be killed. While I waited, I looted some decent T2 from one of the Cane wrecks, which helped soften the loss of my beloved cruiser, Burned Illusion. My first rigged one too.

  So, my first run in with celebs besides the infamous Lady S and it made for a great night. Now I think I'll wind down my murdering the Sleepers in that C2.

 Fly dangerous


Velox said...


SSgt Bilko said...

WIN \o/

Nashh Kadavr said...

Nice blog dude.

We were aware of your fleet for about 15/20 minutes, I was at that gate specifically to bait you guys. We were already aware of your fleets sneaky surprise, they didnt cloak up very well =) and for some strange reason never found me earlier than you guys did.

It was a fun fight even though we hate ECM, especially if we are heavily outnumbered.your ecm-boat was primary, called by me, no offence meant ofcourse.

Shame I lost that Domi and shame the good stuff didnt drop.

I am looking forward to more fun encounters, bring a different vessel next time ;)

Memoocan said...

Well, well it looks like they have much to learn. That fleet was dedicated to a class for our sneakies and it's certainly good to hear the other side of an encounter. The bulk of the fleet had very little intel so running into your brood certainly got my eyebrows raised.

I do notice the pirate collective's scorn for ECM. Actually I have to say it's an honor to be called primary by such a respectable foe. Tell Flashfresh thanks for the loot ;) I didn't realize I looted his Cane til I saw the KM.

Indeed, I'll try a different role next time to make things interesting :D As always, I look forward to your next post. GF