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Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Art

  Alright, since I'm never going to be happy with my work I'm gonna stop now just to stay sane. I tend to drive myself nuts thinking about how someone else probably does it better. I always end up with about 50 different versions of whatever I'm doing because I just can't decide. I know Azmo reads my blog so he'll see it here and the forums. For your perusal, banner designs:

  Things like size, layout, colors, whatever can always be adjusted as desired. I tried to stay at least slightly relevant to the idea of logisitcs with the graphs and wallet transparencies while still putting a big ole' ship for the cool factor. I had fun putting the Uni logo on as a decal, something I wish we could actually do in the game. Out of this I have discovered banner layouts can be rather difficult and drive me nuts. Keeping the visual hierarchy and flow in the design while communicating spaceships and logistics, as well as trying to make it somewhat cool, got frustrating at times. But of course, I enjoyed the work. I hope they aren't too generic or busy or......ok I'll shut up.

  Let me know what you think. And if you ever need anything yourself, feel free to hollar before I get smart and start charging for this kind of thing :P

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Ardent Finder said...

Those are awesome. I especially like the second one.

Azmodeus Valar said...

I'm very impressed with the quality of these.