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Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to It

 Sorry for the slow posts, been a bit busy. I was sick and then went on break. I had a wonderful holiday with my girl and doing fun things in wspace with my new friends. Oh and learning SB tactics. Just got done with that Mach kill. It was an amazing gank with a great warp in.

  I had been on Minecraft, setting up stuff on a new server and had just stopped afk mining. I was on comms and someone called activity in an adjoining WH. So naturally, I dropped everything and logged in. I initially was in my stealthbomber from when I logged out, so I headed over. Two jumps over, our scout is sitting on grid with a Brutix, Myrm, and a dessie salvager and a Drake and Mach on scan. The Drake ended up just passing through from another corp. The ones we were hunting, we found after background checks, were big carebears. 40 bil in losses meant we just might get our share of fun. There was also a second exit that went into lowsec space in the system, which we had a cloaky camp. They seemed to use this as a fallback, popping on and off grid.

  Our bomber joined in to get eyes on, but they were all jumping around. We had found them in a grav site, the miners getting spooked at probes on scan. There were wrecks, so the dessie was cleaning up with the Brutix as a guard. As the Brutix slowboated towards some abandoned drones, our bomber decloaked to try a tackle. He must have been aligned to something because he bugged out quick, leaving the Cormorant.

Who continued to salvage.

And then sat there.

A few volleys later, he was dust.

 He had bad friends since they never even showed up to help. The Myrm had jumped out long before and the Brutix seemed to have done so as well when he ran from our bomber. Either he jumped out or POSed up, I can't remember. For a few minutes we lost the Mach on scan, until he showed up on grid with our cloaky on the lowsec exit. And disappeared. No way. This guy has a cloak? On a Mach? I mean, sure it's wspace, but people really need to think things through. I guess he was supposed to be the miners' point defense, a surprise to scare off anyone. But we are the wolves here and stupid people make us happy and rich.

  Even better, he had jumped on grid 100km from the exit. The rest of us jumped into system and made our way to the hole, which was painfully slow in the Scorpion. Our Onyx bubbled up and we waited. If I remember correctly, our Curse gave a pro decloak, dropping right on top of the Mach after he bounced. We jumped into action and quickly had him locked down and pointed. I began my jams and unleashed the fury of my few cruise missiles. He had a monster tank, but it wasn't going to last long when our Curse got to work. The Onyx bubbled back up on the Mach and our bombers launched their volleys, everyone on their toes with adrenaline.

  Then his active shield tank broke. He slowly bled shields and we ate into his armor. It quickly melted under our fire and he became a multi-billion ISK wreck. Even though we had the bubble, a bomber pointed the pod and we waited until everyone had it locked. Longest 25 second lock of my life. We had started out thinking we might steal an Orca, but were ecstatic to have this shiny on our KB with a 2 billion drop bonus. This is why I love wormhole life :P

  It has been quite a busy week. Recording is coming up, I'm a bit nervous. I haven't gotten any feedback, so my segment is going to be based around corporation spotlights. In that vein, what kind of corporations do you want to hear about? What kind of information is important to you?



Shandir said...

Wormhole corps like yourselves and ADHC, please.

Memoocan said...

Noted :) There seems to be quite a bit of interest for wormholes, which is all the better to me

Viperous Stark said...

There are alot of "teaching" style corps out there like E-Uni that are no where near as big. Would be interesting to hear about other learning oppurtunities in corps that might offer knowledge on subjects that the Uni doesn't necessarily cover (example: I know there is a 0.0 University, but I can't think of it's name ATM)

Memoocan said...

Aye, it's First Steps Academy. I know a few people in there. I could certainly go after education based corps. They are very valuable resources