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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Eden Chronicles Podcast!

  Extra Extra! New Eden Chronicles Podcast is formed!

  I am proud to announce that the winner's have been decided for CrazyKinux and Maeve Trinity's new podcast. Myself and Ardwulf are the proud new co-hosts of the podcast that will be based around the Eve Community and all the great people in it. From CK's release:

"For the time being, we've set up a Gmail account - for you to send in your requests and suggestions. We're also working on other ways for you to communicate with us and will let you know about those as they become available."

  I have to say, I'm blown away. Never did I imagine when I started this blog that it would go anywhere. I was happy to write in my small neck of the woods to whoever decided to drop by from time to time. After only a couple months of blogging and just over half a year of playing Eve I am now going to be on a podcast. It's so surreal since I am usually the one looking for podcasts to listen to and have never done one. It's very exciting and, of course, there's a good measure of being nervous for me. From the big names I saw in comments and around the net, surely there are those better and wiser. But for whatever reason that I will not dispute, me and Ardwulf will be haunting your airwaves with our new friends CK and Maeve.  Funny thing is, Maeve never even hinted to this when I was talking to her ingame today. Sneaky sneaky :P

  Anyways, I won't rant more about being happy, although I've been smiling for the last hour or so. I called my brother immediately and texted my gf while she was at work. They're the only two in my life right now that can fully appreciate this.

  So! Stay tuned and be on the lookout for our new podcast New Eden Chronicles. CK is looking to put it out in the next 2 weeks or so. Head over to our Facebook page in the meantime!



Ardwulf said...

I actually read Maeve's post before checking my e-mail. As I did so, I let out an audible sigh thinking, "well, they chose some other folks..." and then I saw my own handle there. Double-take!

Anyhow, congrats!

ZeroAssumption said...

Skype is one way of getting calls into the podcast.

Laedy said...


Billy Colorado said...

That's pretty rad.

Memoocan said...

Haha Ard, that was exactly my reaction! I was thinking, "Oh I haven't heard anything so obviously it's not me...wait whaaat??"

Aye, Skype is a good way and it's actually how they got things in The Drone Bay Podcast.

Thanks Laedy :D How goes your break?

Thanks Billy, I'm pretty psyched

Rhavas said...

Way to go Memoocan! Do the corp proud :)

Viperous Stark said...

Congrats. Can't wait to hear it :)

Laedy said...

Excellent, thanks :)
Will be extending the break until Incursion hits I think. The Sansha stuff looks pretty damn cool. It's the first time I'm actually interested in PVE content since Apocrypha (WH's).

Make sure to keep us updated with your first podcast!

Kelduum Revaan said...

Congratulations, Memoocan!

ZeroAssumption said...

If you need help with configuring Skype give me an ingame buzz.
char/toon name is "p3k1".

I just might start some kind od videoblog :)

Memoocan said...

@Laedy Ah gotcha. Indeed, I'm quite ready for all the new shinies and the fixes for ammo and other stuff. I hope it turns out to be what you want :) Enjoy the time off and can't wait for your next post.

Thanks Kel :D Always humbling for your CEO to drop in.

I'll let you know if I need anything, thanks Zero

ZeroAssumption said...

Any news on podcast?