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Monday, November 8, 2010


  First, I'll say thank you to everyone that gave me birthday wishes. It actually gave me quite a few smiles and laughs. Several people were even kind enough to give gifts, everything from ISK to Quafe to a very generous CN Hookbill and a fitted Hawk from my brother. So far, I'll settle for Quafe in place of real booze xP Since I was relegated to classes for the day, I spent most of my time in game having fun with friends and talking. Thanks guys.

  As to the title, no not ninja salvagers. I  fiiiinally can sit in and fit up my Buzzard. Hoorah! My first T2 ship ever, which is icing on the cake that I don't have. I have to say, it's amazing to be able to warp at 13.5 AU/sec and I can't wait to do it cloaked. The Improved Cloak just doesn't cut it, but will have to do for now. Not that I'll be doing any serious work with it. It's amazing how much I can stick on to the little thing. All my exploration mods, a prop mod, nanos of course, a point due to advice from my betters, a salvager, expanded probe launcher and cloak. Most of it is offlined until I actually need it, but still. Scanning is faster and easier, thank goodness. I can't wait to train up those skills to make it even better. Things are finally getting a bit more momentum after such a long train. It's good considering I lost my Pvp Scorpion last night. It happens, I now just know to not take a Scorp out if I don't want to get primaried lol. KB borked and copied my comment, so no I'm not crazy. People can no longer whine about the Uni blobbing things when they do it too heh.

  Progress, progress. It seems the blog is earning its name. Of course, there is still much to do, much to see, and much to train. I'll be wiping out skills that need Int/Mem in the coming weeks, before my big remap to Perc/Will. But I has a new shiny and I'm happy. Thanks me, good present. :P

  Anyways, before this gets any weirder I'll end it. Just wanted to post to say thanks to you guys and say I can finally fly yet another role "with the big boys". Woot!

  Fly well :)

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reaper cross said...

Congrats i remember my first t2 ship the Manticore i didnt get out of it for a month, i dont fly it as much as i used to but still love it and it looks sooo much cooler than the kestral :P