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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dev Blog Update

  So a couple blogs have been posted recently in reference to the Incursion expansion. The first one was blogged about quite a bit with optimistic reservations by most. It detailed what exactly incursions will be and how they will affect player gameplay, which is to say quite a bit for any affected system. System-wide debuffs? Sleeper-AI for new invaders? Three levels of sites? This is certainly going to be interesting.

  The most recent blog, however, details the actual releasing of the expansion. While CCP works to put out 2 expansions a year, this time they are taking the time to polish and make it quality work, a good direction for them to go even in this young pilot's opinion. From what I have read as well, it seems much of the community is in favor of waiting and having a system that works when it comes out. But the odd thing to me is how they are deciding to trickle things out. It's a precursor to a precursor. Bits of an expansion, then the expansion which in turn leads up to Incarna.

  Anyways, from the blog it seems they have decided in breaking it into three parts:

  1. Release a first-step patch with a collection of player requested improvements November 30th.
  2. Release a second-step patch before Christmas (Only Santa knows what will be in this patch!)
  3. Release key features of this expansion such as the Incarna Character Creator and Sansha Incursions in January 2011
  I feel so teased and led on. :P While it will be hard to be patient, I think their new plan for things might just make it all well worthwhile. The first part will be an important one for many pilots. The intended tweaks to be released with that are:

  • 80 new story line courier missions
  • Rocket balancing
  • Tech 2 ammo balancing
  • Adding faction ships to the market
  • Fighter bomber missile visual effects changes
  • Anti-aliasing support
  • Window resizing, camera offset
  • Meta-item indicator icons
  • UI optimization to contract delivery filtering
  • Cargo can now be dragged to hangar by dropping on Neocom
  • Toggling probes in overview
  • POS gunners now receive notifications about control towers under attack
  • Sorting deliveries according to distance in jumps or regional locations
  • Unique icons for Microwarpdrives and Afterburners
  All I have to say is, score! While there is much yet to be worked on for the existing content and UI, this is a good start and I'm glad it's the first to come to us. The rocket fix means the new Hawk I have might actually be viable as an assault frigate. Ammo balancing has been desired for some time and faction ships on the market will have an interesting effect on their availability and pricing. The unique icons for MWD vs AB is much appreciated since it can be a nightmare for dual propped ships or simply figuring out what named modules are in the first place. The other points are great too and I can't wait for the end of the month. Sure it might be later than we were told or anticipated, but now they set it in, like...they can't not give it to us....right? 

  Time will tell. So a good job to CCP for at least deciding to wait and give it more lovin' and finally letting us know what's going on. For myself, I am off to die in my art critique, so if I don't post for a while you know I was consumed.


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