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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Settling Into My New Home

  Well, just as the title states, I am finally settled into the home system of my new corp. And I am quite happy. Already I am learning in two days more than I have learned in the last 3 weeks. This morning is when I finally got things straightened out. Yesterday, I did a little scanning to help out and got used to working with BMs.

  The "rabbit hole" as they call it has gone quite deep and there are alot of connections since I joined and it can get really confusing what leads to what. I am quickly getting the hang of it though. I am sick right now, feeling like utter crap, and I ended up waking up at 2 am today. I couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to do something useful. I jumped out, one of the connections thankfully was 1 jump away from where I left my assets. So I just spent a couple hours hauling in a couple ships and getting accustomed to ship maintenance arrays, corp hangars, and general routine to living in wspace. At the advice of one of my new corpmates, I picked up a Thrasher instead of bringing my Rifter. I don't know why, but this is the first time I've ever been in one. So now I have a Thrasher, fit out to instalock and alpha Covert Ops. Can't wait to try it out.

  I'm loving it. I can't wait to get on a reasonable time when the majority of my corpmates are on so I can really get to know them.  Hopefully soon I can even get in on some Pvp action, something they are exceptional at in my opinion. If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to head over to Youtube and watch Asayanami's videos. He does awesome editing and the action is great. There is quite a bit I have to learn and I am certainly ready to do so. I wish I had focused on core skills more, since now I have to take time to round them out. I want to be useful, which from what I hear requires an aHAC. But I'm set dead on my Falcon so they will have to wait ;P

  I did, however, have my first Pvp experience in ADHC this morning. Our transit connectin got busy with a Drake, Mammoth and a Helios. Our scout had eyes on and we waited. I was in kspace so I fitted my new Thrasher quickly and got ready to jump in. The Mammoth, after sitting on their array for a while, finally aligned and warped to the customs office of a nearby planet. Our scout called point and I jumped in, hoping to get onto the KM. The only other corpie in our fleet was the stealth bomber pilot. I was almost there when it popped, the SB apologizing. He did get the pod and waited, giving me the honors of my first kill of being an ADHC pilot. I was pretty excited. But the other pilots didn't seem to care, not reacting to use killing their friend. We kept eyes on, the Helios being the only things we couldn't pin down. With 15 min to down time, I podded my way back to kspace to quickly grab my last hauling trip. And later when I logged back in, I kinda helped when we found an Onyx and his Badger buddy with its pod. ;) I'm lovin' it.

  So here's to new adventures and new lessons. All apart of reaching Progression's Horizon. (see what I did there xD)


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