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Monday, November 8, 2010

21st Birthday

  It's officially my 21st birthday today. Which means, in the US at least, I am legal to drink. Not that I really care and not that it's something big to me since I was raised the right, European way by drinkin' wine with the folks as a teenager. :P But it is a big day nonetheless.

  It's also gonna be the biggest birthday suck ever.  I will be in classes from 1 pm til 11 pm....effectively murdering any time I want to celebrate and my girlfriend cannot visit like originally planned thanks to a MIA friend. So my sole birthday present shall be the fact that today I get to fiiiinally jump into my Buzzard Covert Ops frig. I still have Cloaking IV to train, but shhh don't tell. I just wanna zoom around at 13 AU/sec like everyone else that has one. I'll just put an Improved cloak on since the Covert cloak I have in my hangar isn't ready. This also means I have a week and a half to two weeks away from leaving the Uni. Big step and kinda sad, but in a good way. I love the Uni and I will always be a proud Unista. However, I think my path lies elsewhere for now.

  So, since I can't really do much of anything on my b-day, perhaps I'll be the biggest nerd and do something in game to celebrate. No clue what, though. Ideas? Otherwise,  perhaps I'll walk to the nearest alcoholic vendor, buy a merlot or perhaps a bottle of whiskey and end up drinking alone in my apartment. Oh yea, I'm a party let me tell ya...

  If I don't come on today or post for a bit, my apologies in advance. Knowing me, however, it'll be just the opposite :P

  Fly crazy


Laedy said...

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

Hope you have a great day m8. Go fit some T1 frigates, grab a few drinks and go on a suicide roam into Amamake imo.
That's what I would do :D

P.S. Check your contracts, I sent you a little gift



Memoocan said...

Awww thanks Laedy :) Hahah that sounds like a great idea. I'm sure there's bound to be someone in Ama to oblige me xDD

You shouldnt have :3 ty!

reaper cross said...

Happy Bday Hope you had a good one!