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Sunday, November 14, 2010


   Title comes from the motto a fellow pilot likes to use all the time while we are clearing sites. And it's what has happened. I have been really busy this weekend, between school work and doing two C5 wormhole operations.

  Friday night was the first one, an interesting and very long op. We found a very nice wormhole, but had to protect it first. As we sat on the exit, a viator jumped in and a cloaky was on Dscan. Both were part of the Russians and we think they were doing a bit of logistics. We found a connection to another C5 and one to null. The first we all jumped in and back, sending it into an angry critical state. We did it the lazy way and rounded numbers and kinda guessed, but it meant we were essentially safe from any decent fleet. Since we were in RRBS fits and had 2 Scorps, I didn't think we had much to worry about. The nullsec exit is what makes us think the Russians were just doing logistics, but it was also cap capable. That is never something you want while busy running sites. We had done a site before finding this exit, so while I guarded the salvager with a couple others, the fleet went to send that exit into critical as well. There were alot of sites, so I was up til around 4 am when we were finished. It made the most money in one op that I've ever gotten, which is always awesome.

  The other C5 op was from tonight. I originally wasn't sure if I'd go since I have work to do. Still do actually :P Anyways, it took a good 2 hours just to get things together and moving. I was at a friend's place so by the time I had to move locations for wi fi, we were in a C3 warming up. Some of the pilots were new and it showed. I moved and when I got back they had moved to the connecting C5. As I caught up, we started in on the sites. The first site showed that some people need to learn to control their drones. The triggers were falling fast, not a good thing when they are frigates and you are still fighting Sleeper battleships. I am quite comfortable in my Scorpion, even in upper class wormholes. At least when I have RR or Logi support. The fleet ran with a couple of guardians, an oneiros, 2 scorps, and the rest were all battlecruisers. Oh yea, it made for some fun but we didn't lose anyone. One of the funny parts was when we had our salvager analyzing some cans. A spawn comes up after you open one of them, a random one, and we didn't want her getting popped with our loot. Our solution? Invincidrake!

  I added my 5 medium rep drones to the mix, as the logis had a mass of light armors on her along with their large RR. We sure as heck weren't lettin' her die short of a titan. It was amusing, but needless since she was able to warp out when the spawns came. Things went quite well and as quick as any BS fleet thankfully. There was quite a bit of "Intact" loot to find, items that can run up to 66 million a pop. 

It may be hard to see, but the logis made a cool prism with cap transfers. I'm the Scorp in the middle.

  We polished off quite a few sites and I ended up jumping out as the last site was being salvaged, presumably so I could write my psych paper....but I wrote this first.  I logged off while still far from home, but I'll make it back later. I don't have plans for anything and my training up of Covert Ops skills is nearly done. By the end of the week, I will have dropped roles and hopefully on my way to a new home. It'll be nice to stop living out of my hauler like it's a suitcase.  

  I also mentioned my confliction when Viper gave me my Falcon. I am sorely tempted to go for the Recon first, grab a Cerberus HAC on the way, and be that much closer to a Tengu. But then I think about the Ishtar and its aHAC yumminess. We shall see when it comes up to it. For now I am dedicating my time to rounding out skills with Int/Mem so that I can remap and optimize for the next year. Enough of me babbling, though. I'll leave you with another picture or two.



Viperous Stark said...

Do you know where you are going? Or is it a secret?

Also, sorry to cause such conflict :P

Memoocan said...

It's not really a secret. I am going to hopefully be accepted into Adhocracy Inc., home of Maeve Trinity and my brother.

Haha no worries, I think I'll train for it because it's what I want and it is still useful to the corp. I can't wait, but it'll be some time *sigh*