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Thursday, November 18, 2010


  No, I'm not quitting Eve or posting or anything. Although Minecraft is officially evil the way it sucks your life away and you don't even realize. Pretty proud of what I have done, but this isn't about that. :P

  Yesterday, I dropped my roles in the Uni as the first step in taking my leave. Today I filled out the app for Adhocracy Inc. and should know in the next day or two how it goes. I hope they like reading, I had a wall of text. I'll have an interview probably tomorrow, the whole corp will see my app and vote on whether they want me or not, and then I'll be an Ex-Unista. Of course, as I've said before, I'll always be a Unista.

  My scanning skills are finally out of the way with Astrometrics to IV and the others to III. It makes scanning in my Buzzard that much better. I stuck Covert Ops IV in so that'll fill the next 4 days up nicely. After that, it's back to rounding out my skill tree and a remap in the next month or two. I can't wait because that will mean I am that much closer to having another shiny and that much better of a pilot.

  As for Mech, he's chugging along. He's wiping out learning skills like a beast and I ended up buying a couple +3 implants for him since he only needs Cybernetics I and it makes my life easier. I'll get him the others with LP from Memoo when he needs them. I already blew 40 mil on skill books for Mech, so the cheaper route is better. Although I'm hardly worried about money I do need to be careful with it.

  I have been trying to plan things out with the accounts lately. If I sub Mech up to full for two months, I'm out 20 real USD. That will mean I need to plex Memoo because I am poor in USD and rich in ISK. Plexing is getting all the more expensive so I need to do it soon and my sub will end sometime in the next couple weeks. After Mech's training is done, I will have to buy him the Orca hull, which by itself is another 350 mil if I remember correctly. Although from the stories I hear come out of Adhoc, I may just wait til they "liberate" one.  Then I can name it Free Willy. Lawl.

  Once I hear about my app, I'll be posting in the Uni's Hi/Bye forum thread and on my way. I should probably keep moving and consolidating my assets....but the blocky joy that is Minecraft calls to me. And that pesky Psych test tomorrow..*sigh*

  Fly vicariously,


Viperous Stark said...

Looking foward to reading about your WH exploits in a NBSI environment :)

Druur Monakh said...

Oh dear, _another_ Adhoc pilot? I will have to buy even more gun batteries...

Memoocan said...

Aye Viper, it's going to be a far different dynamic for me. I'm excited.

Haha did they bash your POS or something?

Loki said...

Leaving the Uni? Baww :(
Just joking :) Looking forward to hearing what life is like with that bunch of anarcho-syndicalists.

Remember to bring a Pony!!

Druur Monakh said...

Not yet - and I hope it stays that way! But since Adhoc is starting to get a reputation.... more guns.

Azmodeus Valar said...

Good luck with where ever you end up going.