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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to CCP

  For anyone that has been able to log on already, you understand the title. For those who haven't, the update came with a 30 minute delay and already needed a hotfix. Striving for excellence indeed. I like the intro, the music is far less intrusive and the darker tones make me happy. As for the game itself, ORE space has become chaos and death to most people, with roaming gangs of sniper BS and T3s. Even so, Noctis BPOs were in Jita within the hour and at a ludicrous 800 million ISK. Talk about inflation. The prices started tanking immediately, so it'll be interesting to see where it settles.

  I had moved myself to a lowsec staging area where my corp was planning to jump from so we could extract our own BPO. But I logged on and the fleet only had me and one other guy, so I guess I need to make my way back home now.

  I also just got mailed a link, and it seems I get mentioned in a Devblog in reference to NEC. Pretty cool to see your name on a CCP page :3 If you're a creative pilot, give us a ring and you could end up on the show. If you have a great corporation and want to get your names out, let us know. We are all about the Eve community.

  Short post is short.

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