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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bits and Pieces

  So lately I have had another slowish period. I have spent it mainly working on skills, tweaking fits, picking up a new Myrm, and moving assets around. I did a spring cleaning to free up some space and get organized, donating everything I didn't want to the Uni hangars. Sorry about that Turhan, there was quite a bit.
  Lately, in line with my switch my training plan, I have begun to debate an alt account. Now, this may be a bit more of an undertaking if I didn't already have one. A while back, Steam had a deal and I ended up activating my gf's account and my own alt account for $4. It was awesome. I had intended to use him as my piratey sekrit and probably still will. But he fell into nonuse after the sub lapsed since I am, after all, a poor college kid paying for a ring. I checked my email tonight to my surprise. There was a 5 day pass due to Incursions and $20 to reactivate for 60 days. Quite a deal that I am willing to go after because of my needs. I am now training my first industrial alt. With a revitalized account, even only a few days, I have kickstarted my alt and in around 40 days he will be able to use an Orca. I wanted this to be something Mem could do and still will eventually. But this was too good to pass up.

  I may pay to have him transferred to my main account because, while I may be able to start plexing one account sporadically in the near future, I won't rely on it. So I'd like to have my abilities in one basket. I'm pretty excited because I am starting to need an Orca more and more now that I am moving assets, especially rigged ones. I started as an industrialist so it works perfectly for when I need to haul or mine. This is much faster and a bit more fun to do with a new character. I may even keep Mech in character when I log him on.

  I was also busy with another class edit for wormholes. Check it out if you want to learn about ganking in wormholes, it's under the new arrivals. I am also waiting to see if my design for a banner was chosen, which I'll update of course. As for now, I will be busy finishing scanning skill with Mem and working with Mech. A familiar name if you read my fic ;)

  The last of everything is not even in Eve. Shocker indeed. Minecraft has been something people have talked about quite a bit in the Uni and I never saw the draw. I spent some time watching videos lately, though, and made the leap. I haven't gone to sleep yet.....not good. lol

  So, things are moving along nicely and I'm excited for it all. How has your week been going?


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