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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Musings on Logistics and Burnout

  I finally took my Pvp Scorpion out for a run tonight..or last night..the night blurs together and it's late. Nearly lost it when we got jumped in a belt by 2 Cynabals, a Curse, and a Lachesis. I got locked up and jammed before I could get my lock solidified, since I was the obvious primary. Thankfully the rest of the fleet began to drop on top of me, giving them other things to think about. I still had Hammerhead hammering on me, 'scuse the pun. Of course, they all decided to kite the fleet at a good 70-90 km, so I decided to bounce when I got down to low armor. I think the dual plate saved me from dying, but I'd rather have an extra signal amp to give jam strength. Sadly, we got our butts wooped. It happens. The firetail and friend were playing before the other group showed up.

  Anyways, I settled some orders and actually got a few modules I've needed after the fleet and logged. Then I switched into graphics mode and got started on the blog banner for Azmodeus Valar.  He gave out specs to the Uni as a whole in the forums, so if you want to try your hand go for it. I am having a bit of trouble, trying to make it cool, but relevant to logistics. I have one done and kind of like it, but I will be doing one or two more to give a few choices and variety. When I feel they are ready, I'll be sure to post so I can get your opinions. I certainly have fun doing this kind of thing, but I'm a perfectionist and sometimes don't think my creativity is good enough. As long as Azmo likes something, that's all that matters. But the logistics angle got me thinking.

Logistics is tough stuff. When you think about actually auditing finances, keeping corp hangars stocked, putting a budget together, moving assets around, and all that fun....that kinda sucks. I have to say for the logistics team of the Uni, good on ya! I think it's easy to say they are unsung heroes. That kind of work and dedication is admirable. When does it become a bit much? I have read recently quite a few blog posts from older vets and hardened pilots that are either beginning to burn out or have already gotten to that point. When does Eve stop being a simulation game and turn into a second job that sucks the life out of a Capsuleer? Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. That is not something you want in something that is supposed to be relaxation or escape. If it ever gets to the point that you are reluctant to even log in, take a break. So how do pilots young and old prevent or deal with burnout?

  • Make sure you are where you want to be, doing what you want to.
  • Keep perspective. Yes, internet spaceships is srs bsns, but it is also a game.
  •  There are lulls and peaks, learn to enjoy the ride.
  • Instead of station spinning when you're bored, undock. Undock in a cheap ship and go pick a fight. It's fun, educational, and infinitely better than staring at the station.
  • Try different things in New Eden and keep things fresh and moving. Learn the whole spectrum; if you only ninja salvage or pirate, start hauling or mission running. Who knows, you might learn to like it or gain valuable knowledge about that counterpart. 
  • If all else fails, take a break from Eve. Time away is great to expand other hobbies, enjoy human contact and company, or just get outside and suck in some rays. Don't worry, New Eden will be around for quite a while.
I'm sure there are those wiser that have already given such advice. But it's never bad to remind gamers, myself included, that perhaps there is a different way to do things and a real world to explore. I am still a young pilot, but I do have days where I will stay off Mem to make sure I want to log on or just want time to myself. After all, everything in life is better in moderation. Tonight, my alternative has been graphic design and writing for my dear readers. I still have that fiction I keep meaning to post, don't I? Heh, soon perhaps. I think I'll go write some more.

Until later

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Azmodeus Valar said...

Burnout is a common problem, and I've had to replace a few managers and officers over the years because of that. They'll start passionate and enthusiastic about helping the Uni, then get tired of the work and grind of it. Its just human nature.

I can't wait to see the banners you've been working on. If you make a cool banner that has nothing to do with logistics, it might win as well. Cool > relevant sometimes :)