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Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Page!

  Ok, so this news may be less exciting for you if you follow me through RSS feeds. But that is ok, feel free to write this on your arm or shave it into your friend's head to remember. I have a new page! Woo. Since I am now accumulating Eve related art work, I decided to consolidate it for ease and convenience. So, if you come to my page with a browser you will look in the left hand column and see it as the third page option. Pretty nifty, eh? For those of you too lazy to get on for it, I'll just link it.  Happy? :P

  In other news, I am no longer a Unista. I was accepted into Adhocracy Inc. and got myself all set up. It surprised me since I logged on just to haul and in the course of conversation had my mail tell me "Welcome!". Pretty awesome. I got all the relevant gear finally packed into one station and I'm ready to move it into the wormhole when we get a good connection. I have jumped through, quite literally, over 80 stargates in the last couple hours....I shouldn't be awake. Oh well, I am happy. I am now logged off in a safe spot in our home wormhole system. It's rather beautiful, I'll have to dotlan it later to see what all is going on.

  The people are great and gave a warm welcome. Only a few were on so late, so I look forward to logging  in next. An interesting note, this is also the corp that Maeve Trinity, my fellow host, calls home. Time to party.

 Mech is plugging along nicely, not much more than the basics. Anyways, I need sleep. I get far too little as of late.

  Fly erratically

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