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Thursday, September 30, 2010


  Since Tranquility is down longer and I have been thinking, I thought I would delve a bit into something I mentioned in my last post. Which, by the way, sorry for the rambling nature of my first banter. I have alot of thoughts on the matter, so it's hard to condense. This post will be a bit rambly methinks. My brother and I got to talking about it yesterday and I think I'll share a bit of our views.

  As I have said before, I am an advocate of the fact that there are so many choices and paths one may take in New Eden. Even the pirates that, in general save a few, I tend to hate. It's the bad apples that are complete smack talking douchebags, but lowsec seems to draw them all together. Anyways, I digress. Two points that I have are these: the whole universe, not just lowsec, could use a good overhaul. Rixx of Eveoganda coincidentally mirrors that thought. It is also my observation that many pirates are rather self righteous in their views of viable play styles.

  Now I know I am probably going to step on toes, but that's life. If you can't discuss without petty squabbles, then just walk away. But both in game and out, I have read and heard numerous people talking about how they want someone else's gameplay encroached on or how they want something, not even a broken mechanic, out of the game. Example? I'll use a recent thing. And Laedy, if you're reading, you are definitely not one of the ones I hate. You just gave me a great example. As I am an Ewar pilot, I feel pretty strongly about it. There are apparently those who would like it gone, or at least wouldn't care if it got taken out. Now, it's a perfectly legitimate warfare tactic, most effective in small gangs as a force multiplier. I feel a rush when I know I can shut down an enemy's entire ability to function in a fight. It makes me useful since I hate the role of DD. A single ECM pilot can turn a battle in their favor. Can a single DD be said to do the same? Perhaps, depending. But this principle applies to the game as a whole.

  Why in the world do pirates think it's fine to raise hell when their low sec home needs some work and their career choice is hard, but as soon as a "carebear" tries to say something similar about their space it's immediately attacked and trolled beyond belief? No space is safe. It's not as if Empire restricts all action. There's simply consequences and if you remember that this is a universe, how immersive would it be for an Empire to let piracy run rampant in their systems? You want less freedom for carebears, yet you still want them to come to lowsec so you can prey on them. Show me the logic there. If a carebear cannot be profitable, they will either stop playing or they will not be a worthwhile target. If a pirate relies on profitable carebears to prey upon, this will lead to famine on their part. No carebear to kill, no ISK to steal. It's exactly why honoring a ransom is far better in the long view of things than taking a ransom and then killing prey. If I do nothing but bleed ISK, I'll either avoid lowsec altogether or I won't pay anyone. While lowsec, as all other space, could use some work, it is also the environment that pirates have made it. So why are you complaining about something that you had a hand in shaping?

  Alright I think that's enough. My rant is over and I'm sure I've pissed enough people off by now. I say alot on this issue because it affects me but also because it is the most prevalent in my experience of Eve. But truly, take a step back and look at something before you go attacking it. Just because it might make your fight harder (ewar) or just because people prefer a degree of order and immersion (empire) doesn't  mean you should be calling for reform. If it's hard, be proud that you are working to overcome it or start making a change yourself. And please...don't feed the trolls.

  What's your perspective?


Herodotus Prime said...

Low-sec is so much fail. I find that it is filled (mostly, there are some notable exceptions) with yarrtards that can't cut it in null-sec. They guys who graduated from leaving cans outside noob stations and found other douchenozzles to pal around with.

The OP on that link is a perfect example. He's essential too lazy to have to scan down kills and so CCP is supposed to make it easier for him. Poster child for everything that is wrong with low-sec.

Memoocan said...

Oh wow...that is so very sad. I was hoping the game's demand for more work and intelligence would weed these types out. I hope too high

Ardent Finder said...

Hey... I LIKE being DD. :)
And yeah, the whole bad apples thing. I actually LIKE pirates as a part of the game. For example, I like the Tuskers. Still scared as crap when they come roaming through, but that danger adds to my experience. I'd hate to let those annoying ones taint the whole profession.
Nashh never complains about carebears.

Ardent Finder said...

And wow, that guy from Hero's post is an idiot.
"What is the solution if I don't like part of the game? Break it, CCP. I won't just leave WH's alone, I demand that you make them just like K-space."
Moron. This is what I mean about bad apples. A VERY vocal minority.