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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ebb and Flow

  As is the nature of wartime, it is rather slow. Lately, I have done very little besides focus on my training, babsit buy/sell orders, and go on the occasional and unsuccessful fleet. With 3 wars raging, I work to perfect my wormhole skills so I can go smash some sleepers soon. Mainly I just station spin, looking at my pretty and shiny Scorp. It has been deemed a pointless war, so until they decide to retract, we are ignoring our WTs. This is mainly because they won't fight us anyways.

  So I thought I might put a few loose ends into this post. A rather amusing one is that, the other night, a group of Uni students got very lucky and found a Thanatos, subsequently blowing it to kingdom come. Where's the amusing part you ask? Well, as I perused my usual blog reads on Capsuleer (iPod/iPhone app for Eve) I read over at Flashfresh the Pirate a recounting of that tale. As it turns out, Lady S and some friends had gotten the Thanny to show itself, but couldn't destroy it alone. The Uni happened by and they asked for help, in return for truce. Well some of our students can be green...or perhaps opportunistic...and ended up shooting everything in sight when they landed. While the pirates were rather frustrated, can you really blame them? We are anti-flashy so we really see no need to discriminate. Although, I think we have been a bit hard on the Lady lately.

  Aside from that, I have read a few posts about community. This is an element of Eve I deeply appreciate, and as others have pointed out, is essential not only to survival in New Eden, but also to truly appreciate and enjoy the universe with others. Joining a corp is a good start, one that will facilitate your interests. While it is a harsh universe, a corporation allows people to band together and open a degree of trust with one another. I think otherwise, this game would be far less fun. Personally, I need to be able to trust someone and be safe somewhere otherwise I have no incentive to stay. For me, I play Eve for my previously stated reasons, but also for a few others. One of those is connection. I was dragged away from the home I grew up in years ago, now living in a state I hate. I am far from most of my family, so playing Eve allows me to connect to my brother that lives back north. I have also drawn my girlfriend into the universe. *gasp* Girls play Eve? :P But I ramble on.

  Another little thing I have wondered is the opinion of my readers. Yes, you two. I'm really not sure how may read this but that's fine. If one person enjoys it, I've been successful. But to further my argument, let's pretend there are lots of you. I read many other blogs and find that most write their own fiction, in character or not. I have some fiction of my own in the universe but I hesitate to publish it. Mainly because, as a writer I am finicky about copyrights etc. But also because I want it to be something that is enjoyed, not a post to be skipped over. Do you want more action reports? Do I post too much? So let me know. Leave a comment, send an Evemail to Memoocan, send a pigeon, whatever is your fancy. What can I do in this blog to make it better? It's young, you could have a hand in shaping it. :)

  Well this is rather longer than I expected. Such is my writing.I have been lacking in my comments on other blogs and I apologize, most of my reading is from my iPod and I forget. I will get back to doing so soon.
Stay safe, it's a harsh universe o7


Laedy said...

Your gf plays EVE? Get her to join ingame channel "WGOE=Public" or send me a mail. Lots of women gamers she can chat to there :)

Memoocan said...

Aww, thanks. Will do :) Yea she's actually a bit frustrated because she hasn't been able to play lately. School and work and whatnot. I'll definitely send her your way :)

Herodotus Prime said...

Keep doing what you're doing, I find it a special treat when I see the unread messages in my Outlook RSS Feeds folder.

The fact is that having the different perspectives is what makes this all so interesting. The example you cite with the Thanatos is a fascinating story brought to us from multiple points of reference.

It is like a really good movie where they keep shifting POV until the entire thing comes into focus, and I think that is why I read so many different blogs.

My .02 whatever...

Memoocan said...

Thanks Hero :D I agree wholeheartedly. I love reading other pilots' accounts of the same thing, especially when I didn't experience it myself. Eve is certainly full of a plethora of perspectives