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Sunday, September 26, 2010


  So, Eve Uni is and has been known for their six enduring years of leadership and training of new pilots. Over those years, events have pushed an evolution of rules and stances that have allowed the Uni to continue in its endeavors like an ice-breaker. The Uni has held to remaining a neutral entity, not entering player held null sec and not engaging in smalk talk or killing anyone but flashies.

  But it seems that people have begun to think this means the Uni is a pacifist entity. Hardly. As our new round of wars shows, we have no problem deccing someone that proves worth the effort. Think we are just a mass of huddling noobs? You might want to reassess that assumption. We have now declared war on 3, count them 3, corporations that we know to have assisted the Privateers. Whether this is through repping them in fights, harboring them, etc. they have proven to be on the wrong side. As such, the Uni has made sure they know the consequence of their actions. The Uni has a long memory.

  One of the corps has decided it was intelligent to make the war mutual. The Uni will certainly not be the first to bend. As it stands, in the 24 hours before the war went live, one of the corps took down their POS. Works for us one way or the other, but plenty of pilots wanted to shoot it, however boring that can get. We like to make our point with our guns. All the more amusing was the fact that one of their pilots decided to come smalk talk in Aldrat. We were laughing at him in chat and couldn't figure out if he was drunk or not. What he said was rather incoherent.

  So don't think that neutral means pansy. We have teeth.



Ardent Finder said...

I think you meant to link the standings page. That went to the benefactors page. :P

And I am in full agreement with the above post.

Memoocan said...

Well I linked that page for a reason. It shows that not only do we remember who our enemies are, we remember who our friends are too. It's a public page so it's not as if I'm revealing sekrits. Perhaps I'll change the link lol

Herodotus Prime said...

I hate the term "carebear." We were out on a roam the other night and just trashed a bunch of pirates when one of them started yakking in local about "stupid carebears."

Define irony, pirate killed by E-Uni, bitching in local about "carebears." I couldn't stop laughing.

Memoocan said...

Haha That's always priceless. Unistas are closer to Warbears really :P